ActionMode.CallbackCallback interface for action modes.
CollapsibleActionViewWhen a android.view.View implements this interface it will receive callbacks when expanded or collapsed as an action view alongside the optional, app-specified callbacks to MenuItemCompat.OnActionExpandListener.


ActionBarPolicyAllows components to query for various configuration policy decisions about how the action bar should lay out and behave on the current device.
ActionModeRepresents a contextual mode of the user interface.
ContextThemeWrapperA context wrapper that allows you to modify or replace the theme of the wrapped context.
SupportActionModeWrapperWraps a support ActionMode as a framework android.view.ActionMode.
SupportMenuInflaterThis class is used to instantiate menu XML files into Menu objects.
ViewPropertyAnimatorCompatSetA very naive implementation of a set of ViewPropertyAnimatorCompat.
WindowCallbackWrapperA simple decorator stub for Window.Callback that passes through any calls to the wrapped instance as a base implementation.