SupportSQLiteDatabaseA database abstraction which removes the framework dependency and allows swapping underlying sql versions.
SupportSQLiteOpenHelperAn interface to map the behavior of .
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.FactoryFactory class to create instances of SupportSQLiteOpenHelper using SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration.
SupportSQLiteProgramAn interface to map the behavior of .
SupportSQLiteQueryA query with typed bindings.
SupportSQLiteStatementAn interface to map the behavior of .


SimpleSQLiteQueryA basic implementation of SupportSQLiteQuery which receives a query and its args and binds args based on the passed in Object type.
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.CallbackHandles various lifecycle events for the SQLite connection, similar to .
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.ConfigurationThe configuration to create an SQLite open helper object using SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Factory.
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration.BuilderBuilder class for SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration.
SupportSQLiteQueryBuilderA simple query builder to create SQL SELECT queries.