ClockAn interface through which system clocks can be read and HandlerWrappers created.
Consumer<T>Represents an operation that accepts a single input argument and returns no result.
EGLSurfaceTexture.TextureImageListenerListener to be called when the texture image on SurfaceTexture has been updated.
HandlerWrapperAn interface to call through to a Handler.
HandlerWrapper.MessageA message obtained from the handler.
ListenerSet.Event<T>An event sent to a listener.
ListenerSet.IterationFinishedEvent<T>An event sent to a listener when all other events sent during one message queue iteration were handled by the listener.
NetworkTypeObserver.ListenerA listener for network type changes.


AssertionsProvides methods for asserting the truth of expressions and properties.
AtomicFileA helper class for performing atomic operations on a file by creating a backup file until a write has successfully completed.
BundleableUtilUtilities for Bundleable.
BundleUtilUtilities for .
CodecSpecificDataUtilProvides utilities for handling various types of codec-specific data.
ColorParserParser for color expressions found in styling formats, e.g.
ConditionVariableAn interruptible condition variable.
CopyOnWriteMultiset<E>An unordered collection of elements that allows duplicates, but also allows access to a set of unique elements.
EGLSurfaceTextureGenerates a SurfaceTexture using EGL/GLES functions.
GlUtilOpenGL ES utilities.
GlUtil.ProgramRepresents a GLSL shader program.
LibraryLoaderConfigurable loader for native libraries.
ListenerSet<T>A set of listeners.
LogWrapper around which allows to set the log level.
LongArrayAn append-only, auto-growing long[].
MediaFormatUtilHelper class containing utility methods for managing instances.
NetworkTypeObserverObserver for network type changes.
NetworkTypeObserver.ConfigConfiguration for NetworkTypeObserver.
NotificationUtilUtility methods for displaying Notifications.
ParsableBitArrayWraps a byte array, providing methods that allow it to be read as a bitstream.
ParsableByteArrayWraps a byte array, providing a set of methods for parsing data from it.
RepeatModeUtilUtil class for repeat mode handling.
RunnableFutureTask<R, E>A java.util.concurrent.RunnableFuture that supports additional uninterruptible operations to query whether execution has started and finished.
SystemClockThe standard implementation of Clock, an instance of which is available via Clock.DEFAULT.
TimedValueQueue<V>A utility class to keep a queue of values with timestamps.
TimestampAdjusterAdjusts and offsets sample timestamps.
TraceUtilCalls through to methods on supported API levels.
UriUtilUtility methods for manipulating URIs.
UtilMiscellaneous utility methods.
XmlPullParserUtil utility methods.

Annotation Types

EGLSurfaceTexture.SecureModeSecure mode to be used by the EGL surface and context.
Log.LogLevelLog level for ExoPlayer logcat logging.
NonNullApiAnnotation to declare all type usages in the annotated instance as , unless explicitly marked with a nullable annotation.
NotificationUtil.ImportanceNotification channel importance levels.
RepeatModeUtil.RepeatToggleModesSet of repeat toggle modes.
UnknownNullAnnotation for specifying unknown nullness.
UnstableApiSignifies that a public API (class, method or field) is subject to incompatible changes, or even removal, in a future release.