DestinationFinal or intermediate stop in a navigation route.
Destination.BuilderBuilder for creating a Destination
DistanceDistance along the planned route between relevant points in the navigation
ImageReferenceReference to an image.
ImageReference.BuilderBuilder for creating an ImageReference.
LaneConfiguration of a single lane of a road at a particular point in the navigation.
Lane.BuilderBuilder for creating a Lane
LaneDirectionOne of the possible directions a driver can go when using a particular lane at a particular step in the navigation.
LaneDirection.BuilderBuilder for creating a LaneDirection
LatLngA representation of a latitude, longitude that can be serialized as a VersionedParcelable.
ManeuverInformation about a maneuver that the driver will be required to perform.
Maneuver.BuilderBuilder for creating a Maneuver
NavigationStateNavigation state data to be displayed on the instrument cluster of a car.
NavigationState.BuilderBuilder for creating a NavigationState
RichTextA RichText is an immutable sequence of graphic elements (e.g.: text, images) to be displayed one after another.
RichText.BuilderBuilder for creating a RichText
RichTextElementAn item in a RichText sequence, acting as a union of different graphic elements that can be displayed one after another.
RichTextElement.BuilderBuilder for creating a RichTextElement
SegmentInformation regarding a road, street, highway, etc.
StepAn action that the driver should take in order to remain on the current navigation route.
Step.BuilderBuilder for creating a Step


Destination.TrafficCongestion level on the way to a destination, compared to ideal driving conditions.
Distance.UnitPossible units used to display this distance.
LaneDirection.ShapeTurn amount and direction.
Maneuver.TypePossible maneuver types.
NavigationState.ServiceStatusPossible service states