EmojiCompat.GlyphCheckerInterface to check if a given emoji exists on the system.
EmojiCompat.MetadataRepoLoaderInterface to load emoji metadata.


EmojiCompatMain class to keep Android devices up to date with the newest emojis by adding EmojiSpans to a given java.lang.CharSequence.
EmojiCompat.ConfigConfiguration class for EmojiCompat.
EmojiCompat.InitCallbackListener class for the initialization of the EmojiCompat.
EmojiCompat.MetadataRepoLoaderCallbackCallback to inform EmojiCompat about the state of the metadata load.
EmojiMetadataInformation about a single emoji.
EmojiSpanBase span class for the emoji replacement.
FontRequestEmojiCompatConfigEmojiCompat.Config implementation that asynchronously fetches the required font and the metadata using a FontRequest.
FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig.ExponentialBackoffRetryPolicyA retry policy implementation that doubles the amount of time in between retries.
FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig.FontProviderHelperDelegate class for mocking FontsContractCompat.fetchFonts.
FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig.RetryPolicyRetry policy used when the font provider is not ready to give the font file.
MetadataRepoClass to hold the emoji metadata required to process and draw emojis.
TypefaceEmojiSpanEmojiSpan subclass used to render emojis using Typeface.

Annotation Types

EmojiMetadata.HasGlyphDefines whether the system can render the emoji.