EncodedDataThe encoded data which is generated by the Encoder.
EncoderThe encoder interface.
Encoder.ByteBufferInputA ByteBufferInput is a BufferProvider implementation and provides InputBuffer to write input data to the encoder.
Encoder.EncoderInputThe encoder's input.
Encoder.SurfaceInputA SurfaceInput provides a as the interface to receive video raw data.
Encoder.SurfaceInput.OnSurfaceUpdateListenerAn interface for receiving the update event of the input of the encoder.
EncoderCallbackThe encoder callback event.
EncoderConfigThe configuration represents the required parameters to configure an encoder.
EncoderFactoryFactory to create Encoder
InputBufferInputBuffer is provided by the Encoder and used to feed data into the Encoder.
OutputConfigThe output config of an encoder.


AudioEncoderConfig.BuilderThe builder of the config.
BufferCopiedEncodedDataA class used to hold a copy of encoded data to prevent occupying the byte buffer of the media codec.
EncoderImplThe encoder implementation.
VideoEncoderConfig.BuilderThe builder of the config.

Annotation Types

EncodeException.ErrorTypeDescribes the error that occurred during encoding.