OnCarDataAvailableListener<T>A listener for data being returned about from the car hardware.
OnCarPropertyResponseListenerRegisters this listener to get property updates by CarPropertyResponse.


CarHardwareHostDispatcherDispatcher of calls to the host and manages possible exceptions.
CarPropertyResponse<T>Container class for information about property value and status.
CarResultStub<T>Convenience class wrapping all the calls to car hardware host
CarResultStubMap<T, U>Convenience class wrapping calls to the car host that involve subscribing and unsubscribing to an ongoing listener.
CarUnitUnits such as speed, distance and volume for car hardware measurements and display.
CarValue<T>A data value object returned from car hardware with associated metadata including status, timestamp, and the actual value.
GetPropertyRequestContainer class for information about getting property values.
PropertyManagerManages the communication between the apps and backend Android platform car service.
PropertyUtilsUtility functions to work with

Annotation Types

CarUnit.CarDistanceUnitDefines the possible distance units from car hardware.
CarUnit.CarSpeedUnitDefines the possible distance units from car hardware.
CarUnit.CarVolumeUnitDefines the possible volume units from car hardware.
CarValue.StatusCodeDefines the possible status codes when trying to access car hardware properties, sensors, and actions.