CameraOrientationUtilContains utility methods related to camera orientation.
CloseGuardHelperHelper for accessing CloseGuard on API levels that support it.
CompareSizesByAreaComparator based on area of the given objects.
ContextUtilUtility class for related operations.
ExifUtility class for modifying metadata on JPEG files.
ExifDataThis class stores the EXIF header in IFDs according to the JPEG specification.
ExifData.BuilderBuilder for the ExifData class.
ExifOutputStreamThis class provides a way to replace the Exif header of a JPEG image.
MainThreadAsyncHandlerSingleton instance of an async main thread Handler.
Optional<T>An immutable object that may contain a non-null reference to another object.
ThreadsHelpers for java.lang.Threads.


ExifData.WhiteBalanceModeEnum representing the white balance mode.