DrmSessionA DRM session.
DrmSessionEventListenerListener of DrmSessionManager events.
DrmSessionManagerManages a DRM session.
DrmSessionManager.DrmSessionReferenceRepresents a single reference count of a DrmSession, while deliberately not giving access to the underlying session.
DrmSessionManagerProviderA provider to obtain a DrmSessionManager suitable for playing the content described by a MediaItem.
ExoMediaDrmUsed to obtain keys for decrypting protected media streams.
ExoMediaDrm.OnEventListenerCalled when a DRM event occurs.
ExoMediaDrm.OnExpirationUpdateListenerCalled when a session expiration update occurs.
ExoMediaDrm.OnKeyStatusChangeListenerCalled when the keys in a DRM session change state.
ExoMediaDrm.ProviderProvider for ExoMediaDrm instances.
MediaDrmCallbackPerforms ExoMediaDrm key and provisioning requests.


DefaultDrmSessionManagerA DrmSessionManager that supports playbacks using ExoMediaDrm.
DefaultDrmSessionManager.BuilderBuilder for DefaultDrmSessionManager instances.
DefaultDrmSessionManagerProviderDefault implementation of DrmSessionManagerProvider.
DrmSessionEventListener.EventDispatcherDispatches events to DrmSessionEventListeners.
DrmUtilDRM-related utility methods.
DummyExoMediaDrmAn ExoMediaDrm that does not support any protection schemes.
ErrorStateDrmSessionA DrmSession that's in a terminal error state.
ExoMediaDrm.AppManagedProviderProvides an ExoMediaDrm instance owned by the app.
ExoMediaDrm.KeyRequestContains data used to request keys from a license server.
ExoMediaDrm.KeyStatusDefines the status of a key.
ExoMediaDrm.ProvisionRequestContains data to request a certificate from a provisioning server.
FrameworkCryptoConfigA CryptoConfig for C.CRYPTO_TYPE_FRAMEWORK.
FrameworkMediaDrmAn ExoMediaDrm implementation that wraps the framework MediaDrm.
HttpMediaDrmCallbackA MediaDrmCallback that makes requests using HttpDataSource instances.
LocalMediaDrmCallbackA MediaDrmCallback that provides a fixed response to key requests.
OfflineLicenseHelperHelper class to download, renew and release offline licenses.
WidevineUtilUtility methods for Widevine.

Annotation Types

DefaultDrmSessionManager.ModeDetermines the action to be done after a session acquired.
DrmSession.StateThe state of the DRM session.
DrmUtil.ErrorSourceIdentifies the operation which caused a DRM-related error.
ExoMediaDrm.KeyRequest.RequestTypeKey request types.
UnsupportedDrmException.ReasonThe reason for the exception.