AdaptationSetRepresents a set of interchangeable encoded versions of a media content component.
BaseUrlA base URL, as defined by ISO 23009-1, 2nd edition, 5.6.
DashManifestRepresents a DASH media presentation description (mpd), as defined by ISO/IEC 23009-1:2014 Section
DashManifestParserA parser of media presentation description files.
DashManifestParser.RepresentationInfoA parsed Representation element.
DescriptorA descriptor, as defined by ISO 23009-1, 2nd edition, 5.8.2.
EventStreamA DASH in-MPD EventStream element, as defined by ISO/IEC 23009-1, 2nd edition, section 5.10.
PeriodEncapsulates media content components over a contiguous period of time.
ProgramInformationA parsed program information element.
RangedUriDefines a range of data located at a reference uri.
RepresentationA DASH representation.
Representation.MultiSegmentRepresentationA DASH representation consisting of multiple segments.
Representation.SingleSegmentRepresentationA DASH representation consisting of a single segment.
SegmentBaseAn approximate representation of a SegmentBase manifest element.
SegmentBase.MultiSegmentBaseA SegmentBase that consists of multiple segments.
SegmentBase.SegmentListA SegmentBase.MultiSegmentBase that uses a SegmentList to define its segments.
SegmentBase.SegmentTemplateA SegmentBase.MultiSegmentBase that uses a SegmentTemplate to define its segments.
SegmentBase.SegmentTimelineElementRepresents a timeline segment from the MPD's SegmentTimeline list.
SegmentBase.SingleSegmentBaseA SegmentBase that defines a single segment.
ServiceDescriptionElementRepresents a service description element.
UrlTemplateA template from which URLs can be built.
UtcTimingElementRepresents a UTCTiming element.