AnalyticsCollectorInterface for data collectors that forward analytics events to AnalyticsListeners.
AnalyticsListenerA listener for analytics events.
PlaybackSessionManagerManager for active playback sessions.
PlaybackSessionManager.ListenerA listener for session updates.
PlaybackStatsListener.CallbackA listener for PlaybackStats updates.


AnalyticsListener.EventsA set of AnalyticsListener.EventFlags.
AnalyticsListener.EventTimeTime information of an event.
DefaultAnalyticsCollectorData collector that forwards analytics events to AnalyticsListeners.
DefaultPlaybackSessionManagerDefault PlaybackSessionManager which instantiates a new session for each window in the timeline and also for each ad within the windows.
MediaMetricsListenerAn AnalyticsListener that interacts with the Android .
PlaybackStatsStatistics about playbacks.
PlaybackStats.EventTimeAndExceptionStores an exception with the event time at which it occurred.
PlaybackStats.EventTimeAndFormatStores a format with the event time at which it started being used, or null to indicate that no format was used.
PlaybackStats.EventTimeAndPlaybackStateStores a playback state with the event time at which it became active.
PlaybackStatsListenerAnalyticsListener to gather PlaybackStats from the player.
PlayerIdIdentifier for a player instance.

Annotation Types

AnalyticsListener.EventFlagsEvents that can be reported via AnalyticsListener.onEvents(Player, AnalyticsListener.Events).