ChunkExtractorExtracts samples and track Formats from chunks.
ChunkExtractor.FactoryCreates ChunkExtractor instances.
ChunkExtractor.TrackOutputProviderProvides TrackOutput instances to be written to during extraction.
ChunkSampleStream.ReleaseCallback<T>A callback to be notified when a sample stream has finished being released.
ChunkSourceA provider of Chunks for a ChunkSampleStream to load.
MediaChunkIteratorIterator for media chunk sequences.


BaseMediaChunkA base implementation of MediaChunk that outputs to a BaseMediaChunkOutput.
BaseMediaChunkIteratorBase class for MediaChunkIterators.
BaseMediaChunkOutputA ChunkExtractor.TrackOutputProvider that provides TrackOutputs based on a predefined mapping from track type to output.
BundledChunkExtractorChunkExtractor implementation that uses ExoPlayer app-bundled Extractors.
ChunkAn abstract base class for Loader.Loadable implementations that load chunks of data required for the playback of streams.
ChunkHolderHolds a chunk or an indication that the end of the stream has been reached.
ChunkSampleStream<T>A SampleStream that loads media in Chunks, obtained from a ChunkSource.
ChunkSampleStream.EmbeddedSampleStreamA SampleStream embedded in a ChunkSampleStream.
ContainerMediaChunkA BaseMediaChunk that uses an Extractor to decode sample data.
DataChunkA base class for Chunk implementations where the data should be loaded into a byte[] before being consumed.
InitializationChunkA Chunk that uses an Extractor to decode initialization data for single track.
MediaChunkAn abstract base class for Chunks that contain media samples.
MediaParserChunkExtractorChunkExtractor implemented on top of the platform's MediaParser.
SingleSampleMediaChunkA BaseMediaChunk for chunks consisting of a single raw sample.