ExoPlayerAn extensible media player that plays MediaSources.
ExoPlayer.AudioOffloadListenerA listener for audio offload events.
LivePlaybackSpeedControlControls the playback speed while playing live content in order to maintain a steady target live offset.
LoadControlControls buffering of media.
MediaClockTracks the progression of media time.
PlayerMessage.SenderA sender for messages.
PlayerMessage.TargetA target for messages.
RendererRenders media read from a SampleStream.
Renderer.WakeupListenerSome renderers can signal when Renderer.render(long, long) should be called.
RendererCapabilitiesDefines the capabilities of a Renderer.
RenderersFactoryBuilds Renderer instances for use by an ExoPlayer.


AbstractConcatenatedTimelineAbstract base class for the concatenation of one or more Timelines.
BaseRendererAn abstract base class suitable for most Renderer implementations.
DecoderCountersMaintains decoder event counts, for debugging purposes only.
DecoderReuseEvaluationThe result of an evaluation to determine whether a decoder can be reused for a new input format.
DefaultLivePlaybackSpeedControlA LivePlaybackSpeedControl that adjusts the playback speed using a proportional controller.
DefaultLivePlaybackSpeedControl.BuilderBuilder for a DefaultLivePlaybackSpeedControl.
DefaultLoadControlThe default LoadControl implementation.
DefaultLoadControl.BuilderBuilder for DefaultLoadControl.
DefaultRenderersFactoryDefault RenderersFactory implementation.
ExoPlayer.BuilderA builder for ExoPlayer instances.
FormatHolderHolds a Format.
MetadataRetrieverRetrieves the static metadata of MediaItems.
NoSampleRendererA Renderer implementation whose track type is C.TRACK_TYPE_NONE and does not consume data from its SampleStream.
PlayerMessageDefines a player message which can be sent with a PlayerMessage.Sender and received by a PlayerMessage.Target.
RendererConfigurationThe configuration of a Renderer.
SeekParametersParameters that apply to seeking.
StandaloneMediaClockA MediaClock whose position advances with real time based on the playback parameters when started.

Annotation Types

DecoderReuseEvaluation.DecoderDiscardReasonsPossible reasons why reuse is not possible.
DecoderReuseEvaluation.DecoderReuseResultPossible outcomes of the evaluation.
DefaultRenderersFactory.ExtensionRendererModeModes for using extension renderers.
ExoPlaybackException.TypeThe type of source that produced the error.
ExoTimeoutException.TimeoutOperationThe operation which produced the timeout error.
Renderer.MessageTypeRepresents a type of message that can be passed to a renderer.
Renderer.StateThe renderer states.
RendererCapabilities.AdaptiveSupportLevel of renderer support for adaptive format switches.
RendererCapabilities.CapabilitiesCombined renderer capabilities.
RendererCapabilities.DecoderSupportLevel of decoder support.
RendererCapabilities.HardwareAccelerationSupportLevel of renderer support for hardware acceleration.
RendererCapabilities.TunnelingSupportLevel of renderer support for tunneling.