GridRowBuilderBuilder to construct a grid row which may be added as a row to ListBuilder.
GridRowBuilder.CellBuilderBuilder to construct a cell.
ListBuilderBuilder for constructing slices composed of rows of content.
ListBuilder.HeaderBuilderBuilder to construct a header row.
ListBuilder.InputRangeBuilderBuilder to construct a input range row.
ListBuilder.RangeBuilderBuilder to construct a range row which can be added to a ListBuilder.
ListBuilder.RatingBuilderBuilder to construct a input star rating.
ListBuilder.RowBuilderBuilder to construct a row.
MessagingSliceBuilderBuilder to construct slice content in a messaging format.
MessagingSliceBuilder.MessageBuilderBuilder for adding a message to MessagingSliceBuilder.
SelectionBuilderBuilder to construct a selection which can be added to a ListBuilder.
SliceActionClass representing an action, supports tappable icons, custom toggle icons, and default toggles, as well as date and time pickers.
TemplateSliceBuilderBase class of builders of various template types.

Annotation Types