BitmapCompatHelper for accessing features in Bitmap.
BlendModeColorFilterCompatHelper for accessing ColorFilter APIs on various API levels of the platform
ColorUtilsA set of color-related utility methods, building upon those available in Color.
InsetsAn Insets instance holds four integer offsets which describe changes to the four edges of a Rectangle.
PaintCompatHelper for accessing features in Paint.
PathParserThis class is a duplicate from the of frameworks/base, with slight update on incompatible API like copyOfRange().
PathParser.PathDataNodeEach PathDataNode represents one command in the "d" attribute of the svg file.
PathSegmentA line segment that represents an approximate fraction of a after flattening.
PathUtilsA set of path-related utility methods.
TypefaceCompatHelper for accessing features in .
TypefaceCompat.ResourcesCallbackAdapterConverts FontsContractCompat.FontRequestCallback callback functions into ResourcesCompat.FontCallback equivalents.
TypefaceCompatApi26ImplImplementation of the Typeface compat methods for API 26 and above.
TypefaceCompatApi28ImplImplementation of the Typeface compat methods for API 28 and above.
TypefaceCompatUtilUtility methods for TypefaceCompat.


BlendModeCompatCompat version of , usages of BlendModeCompat will map to wherever possible