BitmapCompatHelper for accessing features in
BlendModeColorFilterCompatHelper for accessing ColorFilter APIs on various API levels of the platform
ColorUtilsA set of color-related utility methods, building upon those available in Color.
InsetsAn Insets instance holds four integer offsets which describe changes to the four edges of a Rectangle.
PaintCompatHelper for accessing features in Paint.
PathParserThis class is a duplicate from the of frameworks/base, with slight update on incompatible API like copyOfRange().
PathParser.PathDataNodeEach PathDataNode represents one command in the "d" attribute of the svg file.
PathSegmentA line segment that represents an approximate fraction of a after flattening.
PathUtilsA set of path-related utility methods.
TypefaceCompatHelper for accessing features in .
TypefaceCompatApi26ImplImplementation of the Typeface compat methods for API 26 and above.
TypefaceCompatApi28ImplImplementation of the Typeface compat methods for API 28 and above.
TypefaceCompatUtilUtility methods for TypefaceCompat.


BlendModeCompatCompat version of , usages of BlendModeCompat will map to wherever possible