InputCallbackA listener for handling text input completion event.
InputCallbackDelegateA host-side delegate for sending InputCallback events to the car app.
ItemInterface implemented by models that can be added to an ItemList.
ItemList.OnItemVisibilityChangedListenerA listener for handling item visibility changes.
ItemList.OnSelectedListenerA listener for handling selection events for lists with selectable items.
OnCheckedChangeDelegateA host-side delegate for sending Toggle.OnCheckedChangeListener events to the car app.
OnClickDelegateA host-side interface for reporting click to clients.
OnClickListenerA listener of click events.
OnContentRefreshDelegateA host-side delegate for sending OnContentRefreshListener events to the car app.
OnContentRefreshListenerA listener of content refresh requests
OnItemVisibilityChangedDelegateA host-side delegate for sending ItemList.OnItemVisibilityChangedListener events to the car app.
OnSelectedDelegateA host-side delegate for sending ItemList.OnSelectedListener events to the car app.
SearchCallbackDelegateA host-side delegate for sending SearchTemplate.SearchCallback events to the car app.
SearchTemplate.SearchCallbackA listener for search updates.
TemplateAn interface used to denote a model that can act as a root for a tree of other models.
Toggle.OnCheckedChangeListenerA listener for handling checked state change events.


ActionRepresents an action with an optional icon and text.
Action.BuilderA builder of Action.
ActionStripRepresents a list of Actions that are used for a template.
ActionStrip.BuilderA builder of ActionStrip.
CarColorRepresents a color to be used in a car app.
CarIconRepresents an icon to be used in a car app.
CarIcon.BuilderA builder of CarIcon.
CarIconSpanA span that replaces the text it is attached to with a CarIcon that is aligned with the surrounding text.
CarLocationRepresents a geographical location with a latitude and a longitude.
CarSpanBase class for all span types allowed for a car app.
CarTextA model that represents text to display in the car screen.
CarText.BuilderA builder of CarText.
CarText.SpanWrapperWraps a span to send it to the host.
ClickableSpanA span that makes a section of text clickable.
DateTimeWithZoneA time with an associated time zone information.
DistanceRepresents a distance value and how it should be displayed in the UI.
DistanceSpanA span that replaces the text it is attached to with the string representation of a Distance instance.
DurationSpanA span that replaces the text it is attached to with a localized duration string.
ForegroundCarColorSpanA span that changes the color of the text to which the span is attached.
GridItemRepresents a grid item with an image and an optional title.
GridItem.BuilderA builder of GridItem.
GridTemplateA template representing a grid of items.
GridTemplate.BuilderA builder of GridTemplate.
InputCallbackDelegateImplImplementation class for InputCallbackDelegate to allow IPC for text-input-related events.
ItemListRepresents a list of Item instances.
ItemList.BuilderA builder of ItemList.
ListTemplateA template representing a list of items.
ListTemplate.BuilderA builder of ListTemplate.
LongMessageTemplateA template for displaying a long text, which could be several paragraphs long, with associated actions.
LongMessageTemplate.BuilderA builder of LongMessageTemplate.
MessageTemplateA template for displaying a message and associated actions.
MessageTemplate.BuilderA builder of MessageTemplate.
MetadataA metadata class used for attaching additional properties to models.
Metadata.BuilderA builder for Metadata.
ModelUtilsUtility class for common operations on the car app models
OnCheckedChangeDelegateImplImplementation class for OnCheckedChangeDelegate.
OnClickDelegateImplImplementation class for OnClickDelegate to allow IPC for click-related events.
OnContentRefreshDelegateImplImplementation class for OnContentRefreshListener.
OnItemVisibilityChangedDelegateImplImplementation class for OnItemVisibilityChangedDelegate.
OnSelectedDelegateImplImplementation class for OnSelectedDelegate.
PaneRepresents a list of rows used for displaying informational content and a set of Actions that users can perform based on such content.
Pane.BuilderA builder of Pane.
PaneTemplateA template that displays a Pane.
PaneTemplate.BuilderA builder of PaneTemplate.
ParkedOnlyOnClickListenerAn OnClickListener that wraps another one and executes its ParkedOnlyOnClickListener.onClick() method only when the car is parked.
PlaceRepresents a geographical location and additional information on how to display it.
Place.BuilderA builder of Place.
PlaceListMapTemplateA template that displays a map along with a list of places.
PlaceListMapTemplate.BuilderA builder of PlaceListMapTemplate.
PlaceMarkerDescribes how a place is to be displayed on a map.
PlaceMarker.BuilderA builder of PlaceMarker.
RowRepresents a row with a title, several lines of text, an optional image, and an optional action or switch.
Row.BuilderA builder of Row.
SearchCallbackDelegateImplImplementation class for SearchCallbackDelegate.
SearchTemplateA model that allows the user to enter text searches, and can display results in a list.
SearchTemplate.BuilderA builder of SearchTemplate.
SectionedItemListRepresents an ItemList that is contained inside a section, for internal use only.
TemplateInfoStores information about Template returned from a Screen.
TemplateWrapperA wrapper for mapping a Template with a unique ID used for implementing task flow restrictions.
ToggleRepresents a toggle that can have either a checked or unchecked state.
Toggle.BuilderA builder of Toggle.

Annotation Types

Action.ActionFlagThe flag of action represented by the Action instance.
Action.ActionTypeThe type of action represented by the Action instance.
CarColor.CarColorTypeThe type of color represented by the CarColor instance.
CarIcon.CarIconTypeThe type of car icon represented by the CarIcon instance.
CarIconSpan.AlignmentIndicates how to align a car icon span with its surrounding text.
Distance.UnitPossible units used to display Distance
GridItem.GridItemImageTypeThe type of images supported within grid items.
PlaceMarker.MarkerIconTypeDescribes the type of image a marker icon represents.
Row.RowImageTypeThe type of images supported within rows.