AdViewProviderProvides information about views for the ad playback UI.
BundleableInterface for classes whose instance can be stored in a by Bundleable.toBundle() and can be restored from the by using the static CREATOR field that implements Bundleable.Creator.
Bundleable.Creator<T>Interface for the static CREATOR field of Bundleable classes.
DataReaderReads bytes from a data stream.
ErrorMessageProvider<T>Converts throwables into error codes and user readable error messages.
Metadata.EntryA metadata entry.
PlayerA media player interface defining traditional high-level functionality, such as the ability to play, pause, seek and query properties of the currently playing media.
Player.ListenerListener of all changes in the Player.
TrackSelectionA track selection consisting of a static subset of selected tracks belonging to a TrackGroup.


AdOverlayInfoProvides information about an overlay view shown on top of an ad view group.
AdOverlayInfo.BuilderA builder for AdOverlayInfo instances.
AdPlaybackStateRepresents ad group times and information on the state and URIs of ads within each ad group.
AdPlaybackState.AdGroupRepresents a group of ads, with information about their states.
AudioAttributesAttributes for audio playback, which configure the underlying platform .
AudioAttributes.BuilderBuilder for AudioAttributes.
AuxEffectInfoRepresents auxiliary effect information, which can be used to attach an auxiliary effect to an underlying AudioTrack.
BasePlayerAbstract base Player which implements common implementation independent methods.
BundleListRetrieverA to transfer a list of across processes by splitting the list into multiple transactions.
CDefines constants used by the library.
ColorInfoStores color info.
DeviceInfoInformation about the playback device.
DrmInitDataInitialization data for one or more DRM schemes.
DrmInitData.SchemeDataScheme initialization data.
FileTypesDefines common file type constants and helper methods.
FlagSetA set of integer flags.
FlagSet.BuilderA builder for FlagSet instances.
FormatRepresents a media format.
Format.BuilderBuilds Format instances.
ForwardingPlayerA Player that forwards operations to another Player.
HeartRatingA rating expressed as "heart" or "no heart".
MediaItemRepresentation of a media item.
MediaItem.AdsConfigurationConfiguration for playing back linear ads with a media item.
MediaItem.AdsConfiguration.BuilderBuilder for MediaItem.AdsConfiguration instances.
MediaItem.BuilderA builder for MediaItem instances.
MediaItem.ClippingConfigurationOptionally clips the media item to a custom start and end position.
MediaItem.ClippingConfiguration.BuilderBuilder for MediaItem.ClippingConfiguration instances.
MediaItem.DrmConfigurationDRM configuration for a media item.
MediaItem.DrmConfiguration.BuilderBuilder for MediaItem.DrmConfiguration.
MediaItem.LiveConfigurationLive playback configuration.
MediaItem.LiveConfiguration.BuilderBuilder for MediaItem.LiveConfiguration instances.
MediaItem.LocalConfigurationProperties for local playback.
MediaItem.SubtitleConfigurationProperties for a text track.
MediaItem.SubtitleConfiguration.BuilderBuilder for MediaItem.SubtitleConfiguration instances.
MediaLibraryInfoInformation about the media libraries.
MediaMetadataMetadata of a MediaItem, playlist, or a combination of multiple sources of Metadata.
MediaMetadata.BuilderA builder for MediaMetadata instances.
MediaPeriodIdIdentifies a specific playback of a Timeline.Period.
MetadataA collection of metadata entries.
MimeTypesDefines common MIME types and helper methods.
PercentageRatingA rating expressed as a percentage.
PlaybackParametersParameters that apply to playback, including speed setting.
Player.CommandsA set of commands.
Player.Commands.BuilderA builder for Player.Commands instances.
Player.EventsA set of events.
Player.PositionInfoPosition info describing a playback position involved in a discontinuity.
PriorityTaskManagerAllows tasks with associated priorities to control how they proceed relative to one another.
RatingA rating for media content.
StarRatingA rating expressed as a fractional number of stars.
StreamKeyA key for a subset of media that can be separately loaded (a "stream").
ThumbRatingA rating expressed as "thumbs up" or "thumbs down".
TimelineA flexible representation of the structure of media.
Timeline.PeriodHolds information about a period in a Timeline.
Timeline.RemotableTimelineA concrete class of Timeline to restore a Timeline instance from a sent by another process via IBinder.
Timeline.WindowHolds information about a window in a Timeline.
TrackGroupDefines an immutable group of tracks identified by their format identity.
TrackGroupArrayAn immutable array of TrackGroups.
TrackSelectionArrayAn array of TrackSelections.
TrackSelectionOverridesForces the selection of the specified tracks in TrackGroups.
TrackSelectionOverrides.BuilderBuilder for TrackSelectionOverrides.
TrackSelectionOverrides.TrackSelectionOverrideForces the selection of TrackSelectionOverrides.TrackSelectionOverride.trackIndices for a TrackGroup.
TrackSelectionParametersConstraint parameters for track selection.
TrackSelectionParameters.BuilderA builder for TrackSelectionParameters.
TracksInfoInformation about groups of tracks.
TracksInfo.TrackGroupInfoInformation about a single group of tracks, including the underlying TrackGroup, the type of tracks it contains, and the level to which each track is supported by the player.
VideoSizeRepresents the video size.

Annotation Types

AdOverlayInfo.PurposeThe purpose of the overlay.
AdPlaybackState.AdStateRepresents the state of an ad in an ad group.
C.AudioAllowedCapturePolicyCapture policies for audio attributes.
C.AudioContentTypeContent types for audio attributes.
C.AudioFlagsFlags for audio attributes.
C.AudioUsageUsage types for audio attributes.
C.BufferFlagsFlags which can apply to a buffer containing a media sample.
C.ColorRangeVideo color range.
C.ColorSpaceVideo colorspaces.
C.ColorTransferVideo color transfer characteristics.
C.ContentTypeRepresents a streaming or other media type.
C.CryptoModeCrypto modes for a codec.
C.CryptoTypeTypes of crypto implementation.
C.DataTypeRepresents a type of data.
C.EncodingRepresents an audio encoding, or an invalid or unset value.
C.FormatSupportLevel of renderer support for a format.
C.NetworkTypeNetwork connection type.
C.PcmEncodingRepresents a PCM audio encoding, or an invalid or unset value.
C.ProjectionVideo projection types.
C.RoleFlagsTrack role flags.
C.SelectionFlagsTrack selection flags.
C.SelectionReasonRepresents a reason for selection.
C.SpatializationBehaviorRepresents the behavior affecting whether spatialization will be used.
C.StereoModeThe stereo mode for 360/3D/VR videos.
C.StreamTypeStream types for an .
C.TrackTypeRepresents a type of media track.
C.VideoChangeFrameRateStrategyStrategies for calling .
C.VideoOutputModeVideo decoder output modes.
C.VideoScalingModeVideo scaling modes for MediaCodec-based renderers.
C.WakeModeMode specifying whether the player should hold a WakeLock and a WifiLock.
DeviceInfo.PlaybackTypeTypes of playback.
FileTypes.TypeFile types.
MediaMetadata.FolderTypeThe folder type of the media item.
MediaMetadata.PictureTypeThe picture type of the artwork.
PlaybackException.ErrorCodeCodes that identify causes of player errors.
PlaybackException.FieldNumberIdentifiers for fields in a which represents a playback exception.
Player.CommandCommands that can be executed on a Player.
Player.DiscontinuityReasonReasons for position discontinuities.
Player.EventEvents that can be reported via Player.Listener.
Player.MediaItemTransitionReasonReasons for media item transitions.
Player.PlaybackSuppressionReasonReason why playback is suppressed even though Player.getPlayWhenReady() is true.
Player.PlayWhenReadyChangeReasonReasons for playWhenReady changes.
Player.RepeatModeRepeat modes for playback.
Player.StatePlayback state.
Player.TimelineChangeReasonReasons for timeline changes.
TrackSelection.TypeRepresents a type track selection.