WearableNavigationDrawerView.OnItemSelectedListenerListener which is notified when the user selects an item.


PageIndicatorViewA page indicator for ViewPager based on which identifies the current page in relation to all available pages.
WearableActionDrawerViewEase of use class for creating a Wearable action drawer.
WearableDrawerControllerProvides the ability to manipulate a WearableDrawerView's position within a WearableDrawerLayout.
WearableDrawerLayoutTop-level container that allows interactive drawers to be pulled from the top and bottom edge of the window.
WearableDrawerLayout.DrawerStateCallbackListener for monitoring events about drawers.
WearableDrawerViewView that contains drawer content and a peeking view for use with WearableDrawerLayout.
WearableNavigationDrawerViewEase of use class for creating a Wearable navigation drawer.
WearableNavigationDrawerView.WearableNavigationDrawerAdapterAdapter for specifying the contents of WearableNavigationDrawer.

Annotation Types

WearableDrawerView.DrawerStateEnumeration of possible drawer states.
WearableNavigationDrawerView.NavigationStyleEnumeration of possible drawer styles.