FragmentManager.BackStackEntryRepresentation of an entry on the fragment back stack, as created with FragmentTransaction.addToBackStack().
FragmentManager.OnBackStackChangedListenerInterface to watch for changes to the back stack.
FragmentOnAttachListenerListener for receiving a callback immediately following Fragment.onAttach(Context).
FragmentResultListenerListener for handling fragment results.
FragmentResultOwnerA class that manages passing data between fragments.


DialogFragmentStatic library support version of the framework's .
FragmentStatic library support version of the framework's .
Fragment.SavedStateState information that has been retrieved from a fragment instance through FragmentManager.saveFragmentInstanceState.
FragmentActivityBase class for activities that want to use the support-based Fragments.
FragmentContainerCallbacks to a Fragment's container.
FragmentContainerViewFragmentContainerView is a customized Layout designed specifically for Fragments.
FragmentControllerProvides integration points with a FragmentManager for a fragment host.
FragmentFactoryInterface used to control the instantiation of Fragment instances.
FragmentHostCallback<E>Integration points with the Fragment host.
FragmentManagerStatic library support version of the framework's
FragmentManager.FragmentLifecycleCallbacksCallback interface for listening to fragment state changes that happen within a given FragmentManager.
FragmentManagerNonConfigFragmentManagerNonConfig stores the retained instance fragments across activity recreation events.
FragmentPagerAdapterImplementation of PagerAdapter that represents each page as a Fragment that is persistently kept in the fragment manager as long as the user can return to the page.
FragmentStatePagerAdapterImplementation of PagerAdapter that uses a Fragment to manage each page.
FragmentTabHostSpecial TabHost that allows the use of Fragment objects for its tab content.
FragmentTransactionStatic library support version of the framework's .
ListFragmentStatic library support version of the framework's .

Annotation Types