ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilterA filter for classpath entry paths


ClassPathScannerFinds class entries in provided paths to scan.
ClassPathScanner.AcceptAllFilterA ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter that accepts all class names.
ClassPathScanner.ChainedClassNameFilterA ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter that chains one or more filters together
ClassPathScanner.ExcludePackageNameFilterA ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter that only rejects a given package names within the given namespace.
ClassPathScanner.ExternalClassNameFilterA ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter that rejects inner classes.
ClassPathScanner.InclusivePackageNamesFilterA ClassPathScanner.ClassNameFilter that only accepts package names within the given namespaces.
EmptyTestRunnerA special runner to indicate that the class is not a valid test because it has no methods.
ErrorReportingRunnerA to report a critical initialization failure with a test class that prevents any methods from being executed.
InstrumentationConnectionA singleton class that facilitates the communication between different instrumentation test runner instances running on different processes.
RunnerArgsContains input arguments passed to the instrumentation test runner.
RunnerArgs.BuilderBuilder for RunnerArgs.
RunnerArgs.TestArgEncapsulates a test class and optional method.
TestExecutorClass that given a Request containing tests to run, wires up the test listeners and actually executes the test using upstream JUnit
TestLoaderAn abstract class for loading JUnit3 and JUnit4 test classes given a set of potential class names.
TestLoader.FactoryFactory for TestLoader
TestRequestBuilderA builder for that builds up tests to run, filtered on provided set of restrictions.
TestSizeThis class represents a test size qualifier which can be used to filter out tests from a test suite.