CarInfoManages access to car hardware specific info such as model, energy, and speed info.
CarSensorsManages access to specific sensors such as compass, accelerometer, gyroscope and location.


AccelerometerInformation about car specific accelerometers available from the car hardware.
AutomotiveCarInfoManages access to vehicle specific info, for example, energy info, model info.
AutomotiveCarSensorsManages access to vehicle specific sensor communication.
CarHardwareLocationInformation about car specific car location available from the car hardware.
CompassInformation about car specific compass available from the car hardware.
EnergyLevelInformation of the energy (fuel and battery) levels from the car hardware.
EnergyLevel.BuilderA builder of EnergyLevel.
EnergyProfileInformation about car hardware fuel profile such as fuel types and connector ports.
EnergyProfile.BuilderA builder of EnergyProfile.
EvStatusInformation about EV car port status
EvStatus.BuilderA builder of EvStatus.
GyroscopeInformation about car specific gyroscopes available from the car hardware.
MileageInformation about car mileage.
Mileage.BuilderA builder of Mileage.
ModelInformation about the model such as name, year and manufacturer.
Model.BuilderA builder of Model.
ProjectedCarInfoManages access to vehicle specific info communication with a car app host.
ProjectedCarSensorsManages access to vehicle specific sensor communication with a car app host.
SpeedInformation about the current car speed.
Speed.BuilderA builder of Speed.
TollCardInformation about toll card capabilities in a car.
TollCard.BuilderA builder of TollCard.

Annotation Types

CarSensors.UpdateRateDefines the possible update rates that properties, sensors, and actions can be requested with.
EnergyProfile.EvConnectorTypePossible EV Connector types.
EnergyProfile.FuelTypePossible Fual types.
TollCard.TollCardStatePossible toll card states.