NavigationTemplate.NavigationInfoRepresents navigation information such as routing instructions or navigation-related messages.
PanModeDelegateA host-side delegate for sending PanModeListener events to the car app.
PanModeListenerA listener for handling the pan mode changes.


DestinationA class representing information related to a destination.
Destination.BuilderA builder of Destination.
LaneConfiguration of a single lane of a road at a particular point in the navigation.
Lane.BuilderA builder of Lane.
LaneDirectionDefines the possible directions a driver can go when using a particular lane at a particular step in the navigation.
ManeuverInformation about a maneuver that the driver will be required to perform.
Maneuver.BuilderA builder of Maneuver.
MessageInfoRepresents a message that can be shown in the NavigationTemplate.
MessageInfo.BuilderA builder of MessageInfo.
NavigationTemplateA template for showing navigation information.
NavigationTemplate.BuilderA builder of NavigationTemplate.
PanModeDelegateImplImplementation class for PanModeDelegate.
PlaceListNavigationTemplateA template that supports showing a list of places alongside a custom drawn map.
PlaceListNavigationTemplate.BuilderA builder of PlaceListNavigationTemplate.
RoutePreviewNavigationTemplateA template that supports showing a list of routes alongside a custom drawn map.
RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate.BuilderA builder of RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate.
RoutingInfoRepresents routing information that can be shown in the NavigationTemplate during navigation
RoutingInfo.BuilderA builder of RoutingInfo.
StepRepresents a step that the driver should take in order to remain on the current navigation route.
Step.BuilderA builder of Step.
TravelEstimateRepresents the travel estimates to a destination of a trip or for a trip segment, including the remaining time and distance to the destination.
TravelEstimate.BuilderA builder of TravelEstimate.
TripRepresents information about a trip including destinations, steps, and travel estimates.
Trip.BuilderA builder of Trip.

Annotation Types

LaneDirection.ShapeTurn amount and direction.
Maneuver.TypePossible maneuver types.