BiometricConstantsInterface containing all of the biometric modality agnostic constants.
BiometricManager.AuthenticatorsTypes of authenticators, defined at a level of granularity supported by BiometricManager and BiometricPrompt.


BiometricFragmentA fragment that hosts the system-dependent UI for BiometricPrompt and coordinates logic for the ongoing authentication session across device configuration changes.
BiometricManagerA class that provides system information related to biometrics (e.g.
BiometricManager.StringsProvides localized strings for an application that uses BiometricPrompt to authenticate the user.
BiometricPromptA class that manages a system-provided biometric prompt.
BiometricPrompt.AuthenticationCallbackA collection of methods that may be invoked by BiometricPrompt during authentication.
BiometricPrompt.AuthenticationResultA container for data passed to BiometricPrompt.AuthenticationCallback when the user has successfully authenticated.
BiometricPrompt.CryptoObjectA wrapper class for the crypto objects supported by BiometricPrompt.
BiometricPrompt.PromptInfoA set of configurable options for how the BiometricPrompt should appear and behave.
BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo.BuilderA builder used to set individual options for the BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo class.
BiometricViewModelA container for data associated with an ongoing authentication session, including intermediate values needed to display the prompt UI.
DeviceCredentialHandlerActivityTransparent activity that is responsible for re-launching the BiometricPrompt and handling results from in order to allow device credential authentication prior to Q.
DeviceCredentialHandlerBridgeSingleton class to facilitate communication between the BiometricPrompt for the client activity and the one attached to DeviceCredentialHandlerActivity when allowing device credential authentication prior to Q.
FingerprintDialogFragmentA fragment that provides a standard prompt UI for fingerprint authentication on versions prior to Android 9.0 (API 28).
FingerprintHelperFragmentA fragment that wraps the FingerprintManagerCompat and has the ability to continue authentication across device configuration changes.

Annotation Types

BiometricPrompt.AuthenticationErrorAn error code that may be returned during authentication.