BinarySearchSeeker.SeekTimestampConverterA converter that converts seek time in stream time into target timestamp for the BinarySearchSeeker.
BinarySearchSeeker.TimestampSeekerA seeker that looks for a given timestamp from an input.
ExtractorExtracts media data from a container format.
ExtractorInputProvides data to be consumed by an Extractor.
ExtractorOutputReceives stream level data extracted by an Extractor.
ExtractorsFactoryFactory for arrays of Extractor instances.
SeekMapMaps seek positions (in microseconds) to corresponding positions (byte offsets) in the stream.
TrackOutputReceives track level data extracted by an Extractor.


AacUtilUtility methods for handling AAC audio streams.
AacUtil.ConfigHolds sample format information for AAC audio.
Ac3UtilUtility methods for parsing Dolby TrueHD and (E-)AC-3 syncframes.
Ac3Util.SyncFrameInfoHolds sample format information as presented by a syncframe header.
Ac4UtilUtility methods for parsing AC-4 frames, which are access units in AC-4 bitstreams.
Ac4Util.SyncFrameInfoHolds sample format information as presented by a syncframe header.
AvcConfigAVC configuration data.
BinarySearchSeekerA seeker that supports seeking within a stream by searching for the target frame using binary search.
BinarySearchSeeker.BinarySearchSeekMapA SeekMap implementation that returns the estimated byte location from BinarySearchSeeker.SeekOperationParams.calculateNextSearchBytePosition(long, long, long, long, long, long) for each BinarySearchSeeker.BinarySearchSeekMap.getSeekPoints(long) query.
BinarySearchSeeker.DefaultSeekTimestampConverterA BinarySearchSeeker.SeekTimestampConverter implementation that returns the seek time itself as the timestamp for a seek time position.
BinarySearchSeeker.SeekOperationParamsContains parameters for a pending seek operation by BinarySearchSeeker.
BinarySearchSeeker.TimestampSearchResultRepresents possible search results for BinarySearchSeeker.TimestampSeeker.searchForTimestamp(ExtractorInput, long).
CeaUtilUtility methods for handling CEA-608/708 messages.
ChunkIndexDefines chunks of samples within a media stream.
ConstantBitrateSeekMapA SeekMap implementation that assumes the stream has a constant bitrate and consists of multiple independent frames of the same size.
DefaultExtractorInputAn ExtractorInput that wraps a DataReader.
DefaultExtractorsFactoryAn ExtractorsFactory that provides an array of extractors for the following formats:
DolbyVisionConfigDolby Vision configuration data.
DtsUtilUtility methods for parsing DTS frames.
DummyExtractorOutputA fake ExtractorOutput implementation.
DummyTrackOutputA fake TrackOutput implementation.
ExtractorUtilExtractor related utility methods.
FlacFrameReaderReads and peeks FLAC frame elements according to the FLAC format specification.
FlacFrameReader.SampleNumberHolderHolds a sample number.
FlacMetadataReaderReads and peeks FLAC stream metadata elements according to the FLAC format specification.
FlacMetadataReader.FlacStreamMetadataHolderHolds a FlacStreamMetadata.
FlacSeekTableSeekMapA SeekMap implementation for FLAC streams that contain a seek table.
FlacStreamMetadataHolder for FLAC metadata.
FlacStreamMetadata.SeekTableA FLAC seek table.
ForwardingExtractorInputAn overridable ExtractorInput implementation forwarding all methods to another input.
GaplessInfoHolderHolder for gapless playback information.
HevcConfigHEVC configuration data.
Id3PeekerPeeks data from the beginning of an ExtractorInput to determine if there is any ID3 tag.
IndexSeekMapA SeekMap implementation based on a mapping between times and positions in the input stream.
MpegAudioUtilUtility methods for handling MPEG audio streams.
MpegAudioUtil.HeaderStores the metadata for an MPEG audio frame.
NalUnitUtilUtility methods for handling H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC NAL units.
NalUnitUtil.H265SpsDataHolds data parsed from a H.265 sequence parameter set NAL unit.
NalUnitUtil.PpsDataHolds data parsed from a picture parameter set NAL unit.
NalUnitUtil.SpsDataHolds data parsed from a H.264 sequence parameter set NAL unit.
OpusUtilUtility methods for handling Opus audio streams.
ParsableNalUnitBitArrayWraps a byte array, providing methods that allow it to be read as a NAL unit bitstream.
PositionHolderHolds a position in the stream.
SeekMap.SeekPointsContains one or two SeekPoints.
SeekMap.UnseekableA SeekMap that does not support seeking.
SeekPointDefines a seek point in a media stream.
TrackOutput.CryptoDataHolds data required to decrypt a sample.
TrueHdSampleRechunkerRechunks TrueHD sample data into groups of Ac3Util.TRUEHD_RECHUNK_SAMPLE_COUNT samples.
VorbisBitArrayWraps a byte array, providing methods that allow it to be read as a Vorbis bitstream.
VorbisUtilUtility methods for parsing Vorbis streams.
VorbisUtil.CommentHeaderVorbis comment header.
VorbisUtil.ModeVorbis setup header modes.
VorbisUtil.VorbisIdHeaderVorbis identification header.
WavUtilUtilities for handling WAVE files.

Annotation Types

AacUtil.AacAudioObjectTypeValid AAC Audio object types.
Ac3Util.SyncFrameInfo.StreamTypeAC3 stream types.
Extractor.ReadResultResult values that can be returned by, PositionHolder).
TrackOutput.SampleDataPartDefines the part of the sample data to which a call to TrackOutput.sampleData(DataReader, int, boolean) corresponds.