MediaBrowser.ListenerA listener for events from MediaLibraryService.
MediaController.ListenerA listener for events and incoming commands from MediaSession.
MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.MediaLibrarySessionCallbackAn extended for the MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.
MediaNotification.ActionFactoryCreates and pending intents for notifications.
MediaNotification.ProviderProvides media notifications to be posted as notifications that reflect the state of a MediaController and to send media commands to a MediaSession.
MediaNotification.Provider.CallbackReceives updates for a notification.
MediaSession.MediaItemFillerAn object which fills in the fields of a MediaItem from MediaController.
MediaSession.SessionCallbackA callback to handle incoming commands from MediaController.
PlayerNotificationManager.MediaDescriptionAdapterAn adapter to provide content assets of the media currently playing.
PlayerNotificationManager.NotificationListenerA listener for changes to the notification.


CommandButtonA button for a SessionCommand or that can be displayed by controllers.
CommandButton.BuilderA builder for CommandButton.
DefaultMediaDescriptionAdapterDefault implementation of PlayerNotificationManager.MediaDescriptionAdapter.
LibraryResult<V>A result to be used with for asynchronous calls between MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession and MediaBrowser.
MediaBrowserBrowses media content offered by a MediaLibraryService in addition to the MediaController functions.
MediaBrowser.BuilderA builder for MediaBrowser.
MediaConstantsConstants that can be shared between media session and controller.
MediaControllerA controller that interacts with a MediaSession, a MediaSessionService hosting a MediaSession, or a MediaLibraryService hosting a MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.
MediaController.BuilderA builder for MediaController.
MediaLibraryServiceSuperclass to be extended by services hosting media library sessions.
MediaLibraryService.LibraryParamsParameters for the interaction between MediaBrowser and MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.
MediaLibraryService.LibraryParams.BuilderA builder for MediaLibraryService.LibraryParams.
MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySessionAn extended MediaSession for the MediaLibraryService.
MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.BuilderA builder for MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.
MediaNotificationA notification for media playbacks.
MediaSessionA session that allows a media app to expose its transport controls and playback information in a process to other processes including the Android framework and other apps.
MediaSession.BuilderA builder for MediaSession.
MediaSession.ConnectionResultA result for MediaSession.SessionCallback to denote the set of commands that are available for the given controller.
MediaSession.ControllerInfoInformation of a MediaController or a MediaBrowser.
MediaSessionServiceSuperclass to be extended by services hosting media sessions.
MediaStyleNotificationHelperClass containing media specfic styles that you can use with NotificationCompat.Builder.setStyle(NotificationCompat.Style).
MediaStyleNotificationHelper.DecoratedMediaCustomViewStyleNotification style for media custom views that are decorated by the system.
MediaStyleNotificationHelper.MediaStyleNotification style for media playback notifications.
PlayerNotificationManagerStarts, updates and cancels a media style notification for a MediaSession.
PlayerNotificationManager.BitmapCallbackReceives a Bitmap.
PlayerNotificationManager.BuilderA builder for PlayerNotificationManager instances.
SessionCommandA command that a MediaController can send to a MediaSession.
SessionCommandsA set of session commands.
SessionCommands.BuilderA builder for SessionCommands.
SessionResultA result to be used with for asynchronous calls between MediaSession and MediaController.
SessionTokenA token that represents an ongoing MediaSession or a service (MediaSessionService, MediaLibraryService, or MediaBrowserServiceCompat).

Annotation Types

LibraryResult.CodeResult codes.
MediaNotification.ActionFactory.CommandCommands that can be included in a media action.
PlayerNotificationManager.PriorityPriority of the notification (required for API 25 and lower).
PlayerNotificationManager.VisibilityVisibility of notification on the lock screen.
SessionCommand.CommandCodeCommand codes of session commands.
SessionResult.CodeResult codes.
SessionToken.TokenTypeTypes of SessionToken.