ActivityResultFunctionFunction that returns an , to be called by ResettingStubberImpl.
ResettingStubberA sneaky singleton object used to respond to intents with fake responses.
ResolvedIntentAn that has been processed to determine the set of packages to which it resolves.
VerifiableIntentA ResolvedIntent that can be marked as verified.
VerificationModeAn interface for different modes of verifying intents.


ChecksSubstitute for Guava Preconditions to avoid guava as a dep.
IntentsIntents enables validation and stubbing of intents sent out by the application under test.
OngoingStubbingSupports method chaining after @Intents#intending method call.
ResettingStubberImplImplementation of ResettingStubber
VerificationModesImplementations of VerificationMode.