DependencyDaoThe Data Access Object for Dependency.
PreferenceDaoA Data Access Object for accessing Preferences.
RawWorkInfoDaoA Data Access Object for accessing WorkInfos that uses raw SQL queries.
SystemIdInfoDaoA Data Access Object for SystemIdInfo.
WorkNameDaoThe Data Access Object for WorkNames.
WorkProgressDaoA DAO for WorkProgress.
WorkSpecDaoThe Data Access Object for WorkSpecs.
WorkTagDaoThe Data Access Object for WorkTags.
WorkTypeConverters.BackoffPolicyIdsInteger identifiers that map to BackoffPolicy.
WorkTypeConverters.NetworkTypeIdsInteger identifiers that map to NetworkType.
WorkTypeConverters.StateIdsInteger identifiers that map to .


DependencyDatabase entity that defines a dependency between two WorkSpecs.
SystemIdInfoStores system ids for a WorkSpec id.
WorkNameDatabase entity that defines a mapping from a name to a WorkSpec id.
WorkProgressA Database entity which stores progress of a given WorkSpec id.
WorkSpecStores information about a logical unit of work.
WorkSpec.IdAndStateA POJO containing the ID and state of a WorkSpec.
WorkSpec.WorkInfoPojoA POJO containing the ID, state, output, tags, and run attempt count of a WorkSpec.
WorkTagDatabase entity that defines a mapping from a tag to a WorkSpec id.
WorkTypeConvertersTypeConverters for WorkManager enums and classes.