Internal implementation for Wear Tiles.


ResourceResolvers.AndroidImageResourceByResIdResolverInterface that can provide a Drawable for an AndroidImageResourceByResId
ResourceResolvers.InlineImageResourceResolverInterface that can provide a Drawable for an InlineImageResource
TileRendererInternal.LoadActionListenerListener for clicks on Clickable objects that have an Action to (re)load the contents of a tile.


CustomTypefaceSpanStripped down version of TypefaceSpan, which can accept a Typeface argument on API levels under 28.
DefaultAndroidImageResourceByResIdResolverResource resolver for Android resources.
DefaultInlineImageResourceResolverResource resolver for inline resources.
LetterSpacingSpanLetterSpacingSpan class used to apply custom spacing between letters.
RatioViewWrapperA wrapper for a view, which enforces that its dimensions adhere to a set ratio if possible.
ResourceResolversClass for resolving resources.
ResourceResolvers.BuilderBuilder for ResourceResolvers
StandardResourceResolversUtility class to get ResourceResolvers populated with standard options.
TileRendererInternalRenderer for Tiles.
WearCurvedLineViewA line, drawn inside an arc.
WearCurvedSpacerA lightweight curved widget that represents space between elements inside an Arc.