DataSinkA component to which streams of data can be written.
DataSink.FactoryA factory for DataSink instances.
DataSourceReads data from URI-identified resources.
DataSource.FactoryA factory for DataSource instances.
HttpDataSourceAn HTTP DataSource.
HttpDataSource.FactoryA factory for HttpDataSource instances.
ResolvingDataSource.ResolverResolves DataSpecs.
TransferListenerA listener of data transfer events.


AesCipherDataSinkA wrapping DataSink that encrypts the data being consumed.
AesCipherDataSourceA DataSource that decrypts the data read from an upstream source.
AesFlushingCipherA flushing variant of a AES/CTR/NoPadding javax.crypto.Cipher.
AssetDataSourceA DataSource for reading from a local asset.
BaseDataSourceBase DataSource implementation to keep a list of TransferListeners.
ByteArrayDataSinkA DataSink for writing to a byte array.
ByteArrayDataSourceA DataSource for reading from a byte array.
ContentDataSourceA DataSource for reading from a content URI.
DataSchemeDataSourceA DataSource for reading data URLs, as defined by RFC 2397.
DataSourceInputStreamAllows data corresponding to a given DataSpec to be read from a DataSource and consumed through an
DataSourceUtilUtility methods for DataSource.
DataSpecDefines a region of data in a resource.
DataSpec.BuilderBuilds DataSpec instances.
DefaultDataSourceA DataSource that supports multiple URI schemes.
DefaultDataSource.FactoryDataSource.Factory for DefaultDataSource instances.
DefaultHttpDataSourceAn HttpDataSource that uses Android's
DefaultHttpDataSource.FactoryDataSource.Factory for DefaultHttpDataSource instances.
DummyDataSourceA DataSource which provides no data.
FileDataSourceA DataSource for reading local files.
FileDataSource.FactoryDataSource.Factory for FileDataSource instances.
HttpDataSource.BaseFactoryBase implementation of HttpDataSource.Factory that sets default request properties.
HttpDataSource.RequestPropertiesStores HTTP request properties (aka HTTP headers) and provides methods to modify the headers in a thread safe way to avoid the potential of creating snapshots of an inconsistent or unintended state.
HttpUtilUtility methods for HTTP.
PriorityDataSourceA DataSource that can be used as part of a task registered with a PriorityTaskManager.
PriorityDataSource.FactoryDataSource.Factory for PriorityDataSource instances.
RawResourceDataSourceA DataSource for reading a raw resource inside the APK.
ResolvingDataSourceDataSource wrapper allowing just-in-time resolution of DataSpecs.
ResolvingDataSource.FactoryDataSource.Factory for ResolvingDataSource instances.
StatsDataSourceDataSource wrapper which keeps track of bytes transferred, redirected uris, and response headers.
TeeDataSourceTees data into a DataSink as the data is read.
UdpDataSourceA UDP DataSource.

Annotation Types

DataSpec.FlagsThe flags that apply to any request for data.
DataSpec.HttpMethodHTTP methods supported by ExoPlayer HttpDataSources.
HttpDataSource.HttpDataSourceException.TypeThe type of operation that produced the error.