VideoQualityQuirkThe quirk interface which denotes the quality does not work for video recording on the device.



QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/202799148 Description: Quirk indicates that the audio encoder outputs incorrect timestamps after pause and resume recording.


QuirkSummary Bug Id: 197805856 Description: Quirk that denotes some Samsung devices use inconsistent timebase for camera frame.


QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/196039619 Description: Quirk denotes that the encoder surface needs to be removed from repeating request before stop the encoder.

DeviceQuirksProvider of video capture related quirks, which are used for device or API level specific workarounds.
DeviceQuirksLoaderLoads all video specific quirks required for the current device.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/202798966 Description: Quirk denotes that the encoder should create new input surface for every encoding instead of using MediaCodec.


QuirkSummary Bug Id: 202792648 Description: The captured video is stretched while selecting the quality is greater or equality to FHD resolution Device(s): Samsung J4 (sm-j400g)


QuirkSummary Bug Id: 192431846, 199582287, 218841498, 203481899, 216583006 Description: Quirk which denotes MediaCodecInfo queried by returns incorrect info.

MediaFormatMustNotUseFrameRateToFindEncoderQuirkQuirk requiring that the frame rate is not set on the MediaFormat during codec selection.
MediaStoreVideoCannotWriteA quirk to denote the devices cannot use the to create MediaStoreOutputOptions for video recording.
ReportedVideoQualityNotSupportedQuirkQuirk where qualities reported as available by CamcorderProfileProvider.hasProfile(int) does not work on the device, and should not be used.

QuirkSummary Bug Id: 218841498 Description: The Quirk denotes the devices may crash while using the specific Quality option for video recording.


QuirkSummary Bug Id: b/202798609, b/202798572 Description: Quirk indicates that the video encoder outputs incorrect timestamps after pause and resume recording.