Consumer<T>Compat version of java.util.function.Consumer
Pools.Pool<T>Interface for managing a pool of objects.
Predicate<T>Compat version of java.util.function.Predicate
Supplier<T>Compat version of java.util.function.Supplier


AtomicFileStatic library support version of the framework's , a helper class for performing atomic operations on a file by writing to a new file and renaming it into the place of the original file after the write has successfully completed.
DebugUtilsHelper for accessing features in .
ObjectsCompatThis class consists of static utility methods for operating on objects.
Pair<F, S>Container to ease passing around a tuple of two objects.
PatternsCompatCommonly used regular expression patterns.
PoolsHelper class for creating pools of objects.
Pools.SimplePool<T>Simple (non-synchronized) pool of objects.
Pools.SynchronizedPool<T>Synchronized) pool of objects.
PreconditionsSimple static methods to be called at the start of your own methods to verify correct arguments and state.
TimeUtilsHelper for accessing features in .