DefaultLifecycleObserverCallback interface for listening to LifecycleOwner state changes.
GenericLifecycleObserverClass that can receive any lifecycle change and dispatch it to the receiver.
HasDefaultViewModelProviderFactoryInterface that marks a ViewModelStoreOwner as having a default ViewModelProvider.Factory for use with ViewModelProvider.ViewModelProvider(ViewModelStoreOwner).
LifecycleEventObserverClass that can receive any lifecycle change and dispatch it to the receiver.
LifecycleObserverMarks a class as a LifecycleObserver.
LifecycleOwnerA class that has an Android lifecycle.
Observer<T>A simple callback that can receive from LiveData.
ViewModelProvider.FactoryImplementations of Factory interface are responsible to instantiate ViewModels.
ViewModelStoreOwnerA scope that owns ViewModelStore.


AbstractSavedStateViewModelFactorySkeleton of androidx.lifecycle.ViewModelProvider.KeyedFactory that creates SavedStateHandle for every requested ViewModel.
AndroidViewModelApplication context aware ViewModel.
ComputableLiveData<T>A LiveData class that can be invalidated & computed when there are active observers.
LifecycleDefines an object that has an Android Lifecycle.
LifecycleRegistryAn implementation of Lifecycle that can handle multiple observers.
LifecycleServiceA Service that is also a LifecycleOwner.
LifecyclingInternal class to handle lifecycle conversion etc.
LiveData<T>LiveData is a data holder class that can be observed within a given lifecycle.
LiveDataReactiveStreamsAdapts LiveData input and output to the ReactiveStreams spec.
MediatorLiveData<T>LiveData subclass which may observe other LiveData objects and react on OnChanged events from them.
MutableLiveData<T>LiveData which publicly exposes MutableLiveData and MutableLiveData method.
ProcessLifecycleInitializerInitializes ProcessLifecycleOwner using androidx.startup.
ProcessLifecycleOwnerClass that provides lifecycle for the whole application process.
ProcessLifecycleOwnerInitializerInternal class to initialize Lifecycles.
ReportFragmentInternal class that dispatches initialization events.
SavedStateHandleA handle to saved state passed down to ViewModel.
SavedStateViewModelFactoryViewModelProvider.Factory that can create ViewModels accessing and contributing to a saved state via SavedStateHandle received in a constructor.
ServiceLifecycleDispatcherHelper class to dispatch lifecycle events for a service.
TransformationsTransformation methods for LiveData.
ViewModelViewModel is a class that is responsible for preparing and managing the data for an or a Fragment.
ViewModelProviderAn utility class that provides ViewModels for a scope.
ViewModelProvider.AndroidViewModelFactoryViewModelProvider.Factory which may create AndroidViewModel and ViewModel, which have an empty constructor.
ViewModelProvider.NewInstanceFactorySimple factory, which calls empty constructor on the give class.
ViewModelProvidersUtilities methods for ViewModelStore class.
ViewModelProviders.DefaultFactoryViewModelProvider.Factory which may create AndroidViewModel and ViewModel, which have an empty constructor.
ViewModelStoreClass to store ViewModels.
ViewModelStoresFactory methods for ViewModelStore class.
ViewTreeLifecycleOwnerAccessors for finding a view tree-local LifecycleOwner that reports the lifecycle for the given view.
ViewTreeViewModelStoreOwnerAccessors for finding a view tree-local ViewModelStoreOwner that allows access to a ViewModelStore for the given view.


Lifecycle.StateLifecycle states.

Annotation Types

OnLifecycleEventAnnotation that can be used to mark methods on LifecycleObserver implementations that should be invoked to handle lifecycle events.