ExecutionListenerListener that reports the result of a Worker's execution.
SchedulerAn interface for classes responsible for scheduling background work.


DefaultRunnableSchedulerThe default implementation of the RunnableScheduler used by GreedyScheduler.
OperationImplA concrete implementation of a Operation.
ProcessorA Processor can intelligently schedule and execute work on demand.
SchedulersHelper methods for Schedulers.
WorkContinuationImplA concrete implementation of WorkContinuation.
WorkDatabaseA Room database for keeping track of work states.
WorkDatabaseMigrationsMigration helpers for WorkDatabase.
WorkDatabaseMigrations.RescheduleMigrationA WorkDatabase migration that reschedules all eligible Workers.
WorkDatabaseMigrations.WorkMigration9To10Adds the Preference table.
WorkDatabasePathHelperKeeps track of WorkDatabase paths.
WorkerWrapperA runnable that looks up the WorkSpec from the database for a given id, instantiates its Worker, and then calls it.
WorkerWrapper.BuilderBuilder class for WorkerWrapper
WorkManagerImplA concrete implementation of WorkManager.
WorkManagerInitializerThe ContentProvider responsible for initializing WorkManagerImpl.
WorkRequestHolderA WorkRequest holder that has all the information a WorkRequest has.