AccessControlProfileA class used to specify access controls.
AccessControlProfile.BuilderA builder for AccessControlProfile.
AccessControlProfileIdA class used to wrap an access control profile identifiers.
IdentityCredentialClass used to read data from a previously provisioned credential.
IdentityCredentialStoreAn interface to a secure store for user identity documents.
IdentityCredentialStoreCapabilitiesA class that supports querying the capabilities of a IdentityCredentialStore as implemented in secure hardware or in software (backed by Android Keystore).
PersonalizationDataAn object that holds personalization data.
PersonalizationData.BuilderA builder for PersonalizationData.
ResultDataAn object that contains the result of retrieving data from a credential.
WritableIdentityCredentialClass used to personalize a new identity credential.

Annotation Types

ResultData.StatusThe type of the entry status.