CamcorderProfileHelperThis is helper class to use that may be mocked.


Camera2CameraCaptureResultConverterAn utility class to convert CameraCaptureResult to camera2 CaptureResult.
Camera2CameraControlA Camera2 implementation for CameraControlInternal interface
Camera2CameraFactoryThe factory class that creates instances.
Camera2CaptureCallbacksDifferent implementations of .
Camera2CaptureRequestBuilderThis class is used to build a camera2 CaptureRequest from a CaptureConfig
Camera2DeviceSurfaceManagerCamera device manager to provide the guaranteed supported stream capabilities related info for all camera devices
Camera2ImplConfigInternal shared implementation details for camera 2 interop.
Camera2ImplConfig.BuilderBuilder for creating Camera2ImplConfig instance.
Camera2ImplConfig.Extender<T>Extends a ExtendableBuilder to add Camera2 implementation options.
Camera2InitializerA ContentProvider used to initialize CameraX from a .
Camera2LensFacingCameraIdFilterFilter camera id by lens facing.
CameraBurstCaptureCallbackA callback object for tracking the progress of a capture request submitted to the camera device.
CameraEventCallbackA callback object for tracking the camera capture session event and get request data.
CameraEventCallbacksDifferent implementations of CameraEventCallback.
CameraEventCallbacks.ComboCameraEventCallbackA CameraEventCallback which contains a list of CameraEventCallback and will propagate received callback to the list.
ImageAnalysisConfigProviderProvides defaults for ImageAnalysisConfig in the Camera2 implementation.
ImageCaptureConfigProviderProvides defaults for ImageCaptureConfig in the Camera2 implementation.
PreviewConfigProviderProvides defaults for PreviewConfig in the Camera2 implementation.
VideoCaptureConfigProviderProvides defaults for VideoCaptureConfig in the Camera2 implementation.