Animatable2CompatInterface that drawables supporting animations and callbacks should extend in support lib.


Animatable2Compat.AnimationCallbackAbstract class for animation callback.
AnimatedVectorDrawableCompatFor API 24 and above, this class is delegating to the framework's .
AnimationUtilsCompatDefines common utilities for working with animations.
AnimatorInflaterCompatThis class is used to instantiate animator XML files into Animator objects.
ArgbEvaluatorThis evaluator can be used to perform type interpolation between integer values that represent ARGB colors.
PathInterpolatorCompatAn interpolator that can traverse a Path that extends from Point (0, 0) to (1, 1).
SeekableAnimatedVectorDrawableThis class animates properties of a VectorDrawableCompat with animations defined using ObjectAnimator or AnimatorSet.
SeekableAnimatedVectorDrawable.AnimationCallbackAbstract class for animation callback.
VectorDrawableCompatFor API 24 and above, this class delegates to the framework's .