AutoSizeableTextViewInterface which allows a android.widget.TextView to receive background auto-sizing calls from TextViewCompat when running on API v26 devices or lower.
NestedScrollView.OnScrollChangeListenerInterface definition for a callback to be invoked when the scroll X or Y positions of a view change.
TintableCheckedTextViewInterface which allows a to receive tinting calls from CheckedTextViewCompat when running on API v20 devices or lower.
TintableCompoundButtonInterface which allows a android.widget.CompoundButton to receive tinting calls from CompoundButtonCompat when running on API v20 devices or lower.
TintableCompoundDrawablesViewInterface which allows android.widget.TextView and subclasses to tint compound drawables with TextViewCompat when running on API v22 devices or lower.
TintableImageSourceViewInterface which allows an android.widget.ImageView to receive image tinting calls from ImageViewCompat when running on API v20 devices or lower.


AutoScrollHelperAutoScrollHelper is a utility class for adding automatic edge-triggered scrolling to Views.
CheckedTextViewCompatHelper for accessing .
CompoundButtonCompatHelper for accessing CompoundButton.
ContentLoadingProgressBarContentLoadingProgressBar implements a ProgressBar that waits a minimum time to be dismissed before showing.
EdgeEffectCompatHelper for accessing .
ImageViewCompatHelper for accessing features in ImageView.
ListPopupWindowCompatHelper for accessing features in .
ListViewAutoScrollHelperAn implementation of AutoScrollHelper that knows how to scroll through a ListView.
ListViewCompatHelper for accessing features in ListView
NestedScrollViewNestedScrollView is just like , but it supports acting as both a nested scrolling parent and child on both new and old versions of Android.
PopupMenuCompatHelper for accessing features in .
PopupWindowCompatHelper for accessing features in PopupWindow.
RichContentReceiverCompat<T>Callback for apps to implement handling for insertion of rich content.
ScrollerCompatProvides access to new APIs when available.
TextViewCompatHelper for accessing features in TextView.
TextViewOnReceiveContentListenerDefault implementation inserting content into editable TextView components.
TextViewRichContentReceiverCompatBase implementation of RichContentReceiverCompat for editable TextView components.

Annotation Types