LanguageFeatureSpanMarker interface for span classes that carry language features rather than style information.


CueContains information about a specific cue, including textual content and formatting data.
Cue.BuilderA builder for Cue objects.
HorizontalTextInVerticalContextSpanA styling span for horizontal text in a vertical context.
RubySpanA styling span for ruby text.
SpanUtilUtility methods for Android span styling.
TextAnnotationProperties of a text annotation (i.e.
TextEmphasisSpanA styling span for text emphasis marks.

Annotation Types

Cue.AnchorTypeThe type of anchor, which may be unset.
Cue.LineTypeThe type of line, which may be unset.
Cue.TextSizeTypeThe type of default text size for this cue, which may be unset.
Cue.VerticalTypeThe type of vertical layout for this cue, which may be unset (i.e.
TextAnnotation.PositionThe possible positions of the annotation text relative to the base text.
TextEmphasisSpan.MarkFillThe possible mark fills that can be used.
TextEmphasisSpan.MarkShapeThe possible mark shapes that can be used.