ActivityCompat.OnRequestPermissionsResultCallbackThis interface is the contract for receiving the results for permission requests.
ActivityCompat.PermissionCompatDelegateCustomizable delegate that allows delegating permission compatibility methods to a custom implementation.
CoreComponentFactory.CompatWrappedImplement this interface to allow a different class to be returned when instantiating on certain API levels.
NotificationBuilderWithBuilderAccessorInterface implemented by notification compat builders that support an accessor for .
NotificationCompat.Action.ExtenderExtender interface for use with NotificationCompat.Builder.extend(NotificationCompat.Extender).
NotificationCompat.ExtenderExtender interface for use with NotificationCompat.Builder.extend(NotificationCompat.Extender).
OnMultiWindowModeChangedProviderInterface for components that can dispatch calls from .
OnNewIntentProviderInterface for components that can dispatch calls from .
OnPictureInPictureModeChangedProviderInterface for components that can dispatch calls from .
SharedElementCallback.OnSharedElementsReadyListenerListener to be called after SharedElementCallback.onSharedElementsArrived(List, List, SharedElementCallback.OnSharedElementsReadyListener) when the shared elements are ready to be hidden in the source Activity and shown in the destination Activity.


ActivityCompatHelper for accessing features in .
ActivityManagerCompatHelper for accessing features in in a backwards compatible fashion.
ActivityOptionsCompatHelper for accessing features in in a backwards compatible fashion.
AlarmManagerCompatCompatibility library for AlarmManager with fallbacks for older platforms.
AppComponentFactoryVersion of that works with androidx libraries.
AppLaunchCheckerThis class provides APIs for determining how an app has been launched.
AppOpsManagerCompatHelper for accessing features in .
BundleCompatHelper for accessing features in .
ComponentActivityBase class for activities that enables composition of higher level components.
CoreComponentFactoryInstance of AppComponentFactory for support libraries.
DialogCompatHelper for accessing features in in a backwards compatible fashion.
FrameMetricsAggregatorThis class can be used to record and return data about per-frame durations.
JobIntentServiceHelper for processing work that has been enqueued for a job/service.
MultiWindowModeChangedInfoClass that encapsulates the information that is delivered when is dispatched to a OnMultiWindowModeChangedProvider.
NavUtilsNavUtils provides helper functionality for applications implementing recommended Android UI navigation patterns.
NotificationChannelCompatA representation of settings that apply to a collection of similarly themed notifications.
NotificationChannelCompat.BuilderBuilder class for NotificationChannelCompat objects.
NotificationChannelGroupCompatA grouping of related notification channels.
NotificationChannelGroupCompat.BuilderBuilder class for NotificationChannelGroupCompat objects.
NotificationCompatHelper for accessing features in
NotificationCompat.ActionStructure to encapsulate a named action that can be shown as part of this notification.
NotificationCompat.Action.BuilderBuilder class for NotificationCompat.Action objects.
NotificationCompat.Action.WearableExtenderWearable extender for notification actions.
NotificationCompat.BigPictureStyleHelper class for generating large-format notifications that include a large image attachment.
NotificationCompat.BigTextStyleHelper class for generating large-format notifications that include a lot of text.
NotificationCompat.BubbleMetadataEncapsulates the information needed to display a notification as a bubble.
NotificationCompat.BubbleMetadata.BuilderBuilder to construct a NotificationCompat.BubbleMetadata object.
NotificationCompat.BuilderBuilder class for NotificationCompat objects.

Helper class to add Android Auto extensions to notifications.

NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversationA class which holds the unread messages from a conversation.
NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation.BuilderBuilder class for NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation objects.
NotificationCompat.DecoratedCustomViewStyleNotification style for custom views that are decorated by the system.
NotificationCompat.InboxStyleHelper class for generating large-format notifications that include a list of (up to 5) strings.
NotificationCompat.MessagingStyleHelper class for generating large-format notifications that include multiple back-and-forth messages of varying types between any number of people.
NotificationCompat.StyleAn object that can apply a rich notification style to a object.
NotificationCompat.WearableExtenderHelper class to add wearable extensions to notifications.
NotificationCompatExtrasWell-known extras used by NotificationCompat for backwards compatibility.
NotificationCompatSideChannelServiceAbstract service to receive side channel notifications sent from NotificationManagerCompat.
NotificationManagerCompatCompatibility library for NotificationManager with fallbacks for older platforms.
PersonProvides an immutable reference to an entity that appears repeatedly on different surfaces of the platform.
Person.BuilderBuilder for the immutable Person class.
PictureInPictureModeChangedInfoClass that encapsulates the information that is delivered when is dispatched to a OnPictureInPictureModeChangedProvider.
RemoteActionCompatRepresents a remote action that can be called from another process.
RemoteInputHelper for using the
RemoteInput.BuilderBuilder class for RemoteInput objects.
ServiceCompatHelper for accessing features in .
ShareCompatExtra helper functionality for sharing data between activities.
ShareCompat.IntentBuilderIntentBuilder is a helper for constructing and sharing intents and starting activities to share content.
ShareCompat.IntentReaderIntentReader is a helper for reading the data contained within a sharing (ACTION_SEND) Intent.
SharedElementCallbackListener provided in FragmentActivity.setEnterSharedElementCallback(SharedElementCallback) and FragmentActivity.setExitSharedElementCallback(SharedElementCallback) to monitor the Activity transitions.
TaskStackBuilderUtility class for constructing synthetic back stacks for cross-task navigation on Android 3.0 and newer.

Annotation Types

NotificationCompat.Action.SemanticActionProvides meaning to an NotificationCompat.Action that hints at what the associated PendingIntent will do.