CamcorderProfileProviderCamcorderProfileProvider is used to obtain the CamcorderProfileProxy.
CameraCaptureResultThe result of a single image capture.
CameraConfigConfiguration for a Camera.
CameraConfig.Builder<B>Builder for creating a CameraConfig.
CameraConfigProviderProvides the ability to create a CameraConfig given a CameraInfo.
CameraControlInternalThe CameraControlInternal Interface.
CameraControlInternal.ControlUpdateCallbackListener called when CameraControlInternal need to notify event.
CameraDeviceSurfaceManagerCamera device manager to provide the guaranteed supported stream capabilities related info for all camera devices
CameraDeviceSurfaceManager.ProviderInterface for deferring creation of a CameraDeviceSurfaceManager.
CameraFactoryThe factory class that creates CameraInternal instances.
CameraFactory.ProviderInterface for deferring creation of a CameraFactory.
CameraInfoInternalAn interface for retrieving camera information.
CameraInternalThe camera interface.
CameraStateRegistry.OnOpenAvailableListenerA listener that is notified when a camera slot becomes available for opening.
CaptureBundleA interface to return an ordered collection of CaptureStage.
CaptureConfig.OptionUnpackerInterface for unpacking a configuration into a CaptureConfig.Builder
CaptureProcessorA processing step of the image capture pipeline.
CaptureStageA CaptureConfig with an identifier.
ConfigA Config is a collection of options and values.
Config.OptionMatcherA callback for retrieving results of a Config.Option search.
ConfigProvider<C>A class which provides a Config object.
ImageInfoProcessorA processing step that updates the necessary CaptureStage based on the current ImageInfo.
ImageInputConfigConfiguration containing options for configuring the input image data of a pipeline.
ImageOutputConfigConfiguration containing options for configuring the output image data of a pipeline.
ImageOutputConfig.Builder<B>Builder for a ImageOutputConfig.
ImageProxyBundleA set of ImageProxy which are mapped an identifier.
ImageReaderProxyAn image reader proxy which has an analogous interface as .
ImageReaderProxy.OnImageAvailableListenerA listener for newly available images.
MutableConfigMutableConfig is a Config that can be modified.
Observable<T>An observable stream which contains data or errors.
Observable.Observer<T>A callback that can receive new values and errors from an Observable.
QuirkDefines an inconsistency, a limitation, or any behavior that deviates from the standard behavior.
ReadableConfigInterface that can be extended to create APIs for reading specific options.
RequestProcessorA wrapper provided to SessionProcessor to execute camera requests.
RequestProcessor.CallbackCallback to be invoked during the capture.
RequestProcessor.RequestA interface representing a capture request configuration used for submitting requests in RequestProcessor.
SessionConfig.ErrorListenerCallback for errors that occur when accessing the session config.
SessionConfig.OptionUnpackerInterface for unpacking a configuration into a SessionConfig.Builder
SessionProcessorA processor for (1) transforming the surfaces used in Preview/ImageCapture/ImageAnalysis into final session configuration where intermediate s could be created for processing the image and writing the result to output surfaces (2) performing repeating request and still image capture by using RequestProcessor.
SessionProcessor.CaptureCallbackCallback for SessionProcessor.startRepeating(SessionProcessor.CaptureCallback) and SessionProcessor.startCapture(SessionProcessor.CaptureCallback).
UseCaseConfig<T>Configuration containing options for use cases.
UseCaseConfig.Builder<T, C, B>Builder for a UseCase.
UseCaseConfigFactoryA Repository for generating use case configurations.
UseCaseConfigFactory.ProviderInterface for deferring creation of a UseCaseConfigFactory.


AttachedSurfaceInfoContainer object for holding SurfaceConfig and its attributed ImageFormat, , and target Frame Rate
CamcorderProfileProxyCamcorderProfileProxy defines the get methods that is mapping to the fields of .
CameraCaptureCallbackA callback object for tracking the progress of a capture request submitted to the camera device.
CameraCaptureCallbacksDifferent implementations of CameraCaptureCallback.
CameraCaptureCallbacks.ComboCameraCaptureCallbackA CameraCaptureCallback which contains a list of CameraCaptureCallback and will propagate received callback to the list.
CameraCaptureFailureA report of failed capture for a single image capture.
CameraCaptureMetaDataThis class defines the enumeration constants used for querying the camera capture mode and results.
CameraCaptureResult.EmptyCameraCaptureResultAn implementation of CameraCaptureResult which always return default results.
CameraCaptureResultsUtility functionality for CameraCaptureResult.
CameraConfigsUtility methods for operating on CameraConfig instances.
CameraFiltersImplementations of different CameraFilter.
CameraRepositoryA collection of CameraInternal instances.
CameraStateRegistryA registry that tracks the state of cameras.
CameraThreadConfigConfiguration options for threads used by the camera stack implementation.
CameraValidatorValidation methods to verify the camera is initialized successfully, more info please reference b/167201193.
CaptureConfigConfigurations needed for a capture request.
CaptureConfig.BuilderBuilder for easy modification/rebuilding of a CaptureConfig.
CaptureStage.DefaultCaptureStageA capture stage which contains no additional implementation options
Config.Option<T>An Config.Option is used to set and retrieve values for settings defined in a Config.
ConstantObservable<T>An Observable whose value is set at construction time and never changes.
DeferrableSurfaceA class for creating and tracking use of a in an asynchronous manner.
DeferrableSurfacesUtility functions for manipulating DeferrableSurface.
DevicePropertiesContainer of the device properties.
ExtendedCameraConfigProviderStoreStores CameraConfigProvider instances which allow building CameraConfig using keys (extensions modes for example).
IdentifierThe Identifier class allows anything to be wrapped as an Identifier instance.
ImageAnalysisConfigConfiguration for an image analysis use case.
ImageCaptureConfigConfiguration for an image capture use case.
ImageFormatConstantsThis class used to constant values corresponding to the internal defined image format value used in
ImmediateSurfaceA DeferrableSurface which always returns immediately.
LensFacingCameraFilterA filter that filters camera based on lens facing.
LensFacingConverterHelper class that defines certain enum-like methods for
LiveDataObservable<T>An observable implemented using LiveData.
LiveDataObservable.Result<T>A wrapper class that allows error reporting.
MetadataHolderServiceA placeholder service to avoid adding application-level metadata.
MultiValueSet<C>A value set implementation that store multiple values in type C.
MutableOptionsBundleA MutableOptionsBundle is an OptionsBundle which allows for insertion/removal.
MutableStateObservable<T>A StateObservable whose state can be set.
MutableTagBundleA mutable TagBundle which allows insertion/removal.
OptionsBundleAn immutable implementation of Config.
OutputSurfaceA class wrapping output surface information for initializing SessionProcessor.
PreviewConfigConfiguration for a Preview use case.
QuirksWraps a list of Quirks, allowing to easily retrieve a Quirk instance by its class.
SessionConfigConfigurations needed for a capture session.
SessionConfig.BuilderBuilder for easy modification/rebuilding of a SessionConfig.
SessionConfig.OutputConfigThe output configuration associated with the DeferrableSurface that will be used to create the configuration needed to open a camera session.
SessionConfig.OutputConfig.BuilderBuilder to create the SessionConfig.OutputConfig
SessionConfig.ValidatingBuilderBuilder for combining multiple instances of SessionConfig.
SessionProcessorSurfaceA DeferrableSurface that is created in SessionProcessor and is added to the SessionConfig for opening capture session.
SingleImageProxyBundleAn ImageProxyBundle that contains a single ImageProxy.
StateObservable<T>An observable which reports a dynamic state.
SurfaceCombinationSurface configuration combination
SurfaceConfigSurface configuration type and size pair
SurfaceSizeDefinitionCamera device surface size definition
TagBundleA TagBundle is an immutable tags collection which does not allow insertion/removal.
UseCaseAttachStateCollection of use cases which are attached to a specific camera.
VideoCaptureConfigConfig for a video capture use case.


CameraCaptureFailure.ReasonThe capture result has been dropped this frame only due to an error in the framework.
CameraCaptureMetaData.AeStateAuto exposure (AE) state.
CameraCaptureMetaData.AfModeAuto focus (AF) mode.
CameraCaptureMetaData.AfStateAuto focus (AF) state.
CameraCaptureMetaData.AwbStateAuto white balance (AWB) state.
CameraCaptureMetaData.FlashStateFlash state.
CameraInternal.StateThe state of a camera within the process.
Config.OptionPriorityDefines the priorities for resolving conflicting options.
SurfaceConfig.ConfigSizeThe Camera2 stream sizes for the surface.
SurfaceConfig.ConfigTypeThe Camera2 configuration type for the surface.

Annotation Types

ImageOutputConfig.OptionalRotationValueValid integer rotation values including option indicating value not specified.
ImageOutputConfig.RotationDegreesValueValid integer rotation degrees values.
ImageOutputConfig.RotationValueValid integer rotation values.