PostMessageBackendAbstracts a receiver of postMessage events.


CustomTabColorSchemeParamsContains visual parameters of a Custom Tab that may depend on the color scheme.
CustomTabColorSchemeParams.BuilderBuilder class for CustomTabColorSchemeParams objects.
CustomTabsCallbackA callback class for custom tabs client to get messages regarding events in their custom tabs.
CustomTabsClientClass to communicate with a CustomTabsService and create CustomTabsSession from it.
CustomTabsIntentClass holding the and start bundle for a Custom Tabs Activity.
CustomTabsIntent.BuilderBuilder class for CustomTabsIntent objects.
CustomTabsServiceAbstract service class for implementing Custom Tabs related functionality.
CustomTabsServiceConnectionAbstract to use while binding to a CustomTabsService.
CustomTabsSessionA class to be used for Custom Tabs related communication.
CustomTabsSession.PendingSessionA class to be used instead of CustomTabsSession before we are connected CustomTabsService.
CustomTabsSessionTokenWrapper class that can be used as a unique identifier for a session.
PostMessageServiceA service to receive postMessage related communication from a Custom Tabs provider.
PostMessageServiceConnectionA for Custom Tabs providers to use while connecting to a PostMessageService on the client side.
TrustedWebUtilsClass for utilities and convenience calls for opening a qualifying web page as a Trusted Web Activity.

Annotation Types

CustomTabsService.FilePurposeEnumerates the possible purposes of files received in CustomTabsService.receiveFile(CustomTabsSessionToken, Uri, int, Bundle).