ErrorHandlerError handling abstraction
ServiceConnectionManager.ServiceConnectionListenerA listener receive connection status updates
ServiceDispatcher.OnBindingListenerAn interface for monitoring the binding state of a service connection.
ServiceDispatcher.OneWayCallA one way call to the service
ServiceDispatcher.ReturnCall<T>A call to fetch a value from the service.


CarAppActivityThe class representing a car app activity.
CarAppViewModelThe view model to keep track of the CarAppActivity data.
HostUpdateReceiverBroadcastReceiver used to detect host updates, and trigger automatic re-connection.
LogTagsDeclares the log tags to use in the library.
ResultManagerAutomotiveAutomotive implementation of ResultManager
ServiceConnectionManagerManages the renderer service connection state.
ServiceDispatcher messages dispatcher, responsible for IPC error handling.


CarAppViewModel.StatePossible view states
ErrorHandler.ActionTypePossible actions to take when the user clicks on the action button associated with an error
ErrorHandler.ErrorTypeAll possible error conditions