DashChunkSourceA ChunkSource for DASH streams.
DashChunkSource.FactoryFactory for DashChunkSources.
DashSegmentIndexIndexes the segments within a media stream.
PlayerEmsgHandler.PlayerEmsgCallbackCallbacks for player emsg events encountered during DASH live stream.


BaseUrlExclusionListHolds the state of excluded base URLs to be used to select a base URL based on these exclusions.
DashMediaSourceA DASH MediaSource.
DashMediaSource.FactoryFactory for DashMediaSources.
DashUtilUtility methods for DASH streams.
DashWrappingSegmentIndexAn implementation of DashSegmentIndex that wraps a ChunkIndex parsed from a media stream.
DefaultDashChunkSourceA default DashChunkSource implementation.
DefaultDashChunkSource.RepresentationHolderHolds information about a snapshot of a single Representation.
DefaultDashChunkSource.RepresentationSegmentIteratorMediaChunkIterator wrapping a DefaultDashChunkSource.RepresentationHolder.
PlayerEmsgHandlerHandles all emsg messages from all media tracks for the player.
PlayerEmsgHandler.PlayerTrackEmsgHandlerHandles emsg messages for a specific track for the player.