HlsDataSourceFactoryCreates DataSources for HLS playlists, encryption and media chunks.
HlsExtractorFactoryFactory for HLS media chunk extractors.
HlsMediaChunkExtractorExtracts samples and track Formats from HlsMediaChunks.


BundledHlsMediaChunkExtractorHlsMediaChunkExtractor implementation that uses ExoPlayer app-bundled Extractors.
DefaultHlsDataSourceFactoryDefault implementation of HlsDataSourceFactory.
DefaultHlsExtractorFactoryDefault HlsExtractorFactory implementation.
HlsManifestHolds a multivariant playlist along with a snapshot of one of its media playlists.
HlsMediaPeriodA MediaPeriod that loads an HLS stream.
HlsMediaSourceAn HLS MediaSource.
HlsMediaSource.FactoryFactory for HlsMediaSources.
HlsTrackMetadataEntryHolds metadata associated to an HLS media track.
HlsTrackMetadataEntry.VariantInfoHolds attributes defined in an EXT-X-STREAM-INF tag.
MediaParserHlsMediaChunkExtractorHlsMediaChunkExtractor implemented on top of the platform's MediaParser.
TimestampAdjusterProviderProvides TimestampAdjuster instances for use during HLS playbacks.
WebvttExtractorA special purpose extractor for WebVTT content in HLS.

Annotation Types

HlsMediaSource.MetadataTypeThe types of metadata that can be extracted from HLS streams.