Contains APIs that control the routing of media channels and streams from the current device to external speakers and destination devices.


MediaRouter.OnPrepareTransferListenerListener for receiving events when the selected route is about to be changed.
RemotePlaybackClient.OnMessageReceivedListenerA callback that will receive messages from media sessions.


MediaControlIntentConstants for media control intents.
MediaItemMetadataConstants for specifying metadata about a media item as a .
MediaItemStatusDescribes the playback status of a media item.
MediaItemStatus.BuilderBuilder for media item status objects.
MediaRouteDescriptorDescribes the properties of a route.
MediaRouteDescriptor.BuilderBuilder for media route descriptors.
MediaRouteDiscoveryRequestDescribes the kinds of routes that the media router would like to discover and whether to perform active scanning.
MediaRouteProviderMedia route providers are used to publish additional media routes for use within an application.
MediaRouteProvider.CallbackCallback which is invoked when route information becomes available or changes.
MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteControllerProvides control over a dynamic group route.
MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController.DynamicRouteDescriptorContains a route, its selection state and its capabilities.
MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController.DynamicRouteDescriptor.BuilderBuilder for MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController.DynamicRouteDescriptor
MediaRouteProvider.ProviderMetadataDescribes properties of the route provider's implementation.
MediaRouteProvider.RouteControllerProvides control over a particular route.
MediaRouteProviderDescriptorDescribes the state of a media route provider and the routes that it publishes.
MediaRouteProviderDescriptor.BuilderBuilder for MediaRouteProviderDescriptor.
MediaRouteProviderServiceBase class for media route provider services.
MediaRouterMediaRouter allows applications to control the routing of media channels and streams from the current device to external speakers and destination devices.
MediaRouter.CallbackInterface for receiving events about media routing changes.
MediaRouter.ControlRequestCallbackCallback which is invoked with the result of a media control request.
MediaRouter.ProviderInfoProvides information about a media route provider.
MediaRouter.RouteInfoProvides information about a media route.
MediaRouter.RouteInfo.DynamicGroupStateRepresents the dynamic group state of the MediaRouter.RouteInfo.
MediaRouterParamsMediaRouterParams are used in MediaRouter to denote routing functionality and UI types.
MediaRouterParams.BuilderBuilder class for MediaRouterParams.
MediaRouteSelectorDescribes the capabilities of routes that applications would like to discover and use.
MediaRouteSelector.BuilderBuilder for media route selectors.
MediaSessionStatusDescribes the playback status of a media session.
MediaSessionStatus.BuilderBuilder for media session status objects.
MediaTransferReceiverA BroadcastReceiver class for enabling Media transfer feature.
RemotePlaybackClientA helper class for playing media on remote routes using the remote playback protocol defined by MediaControlIntent.
RemotePlaybackClient.ActionCallbackBase callback type for remote playback requests.
RemotePlaybackClient.ItemActionCallbackCallback for remote playback requests that operate on items.
RemotePlaybackClient.SessionActionCallbackCallback for remote playback requests that operate on sessions.
RemotePlaybackClient.StatusCallbackA callback that will receive media status updates.

Annotation Types