HeartRatingA class for rating with a single degree of rating, "heart" vs "no heart".
LibraryResultResult class to be used with for asynchronous calls between MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession and MediaBrowser.
MediaBrowserBrowses media content offered by a MediaLibraryService.
MediaBrowser.BrowserCallbackCallback to listen events from MediaLibraryService.
MediaBrowser.BuilderBuilder for MediaBrowser.
MediaConstantsMedia constants for sharing constants between media provider and consumer apps
MediaControllerAllows an app to interact with an active MediaSession or a MediaSessionService which would provide MediaSession.
MediaController.BuilderBuilder for MediaController.
MediaController.ControllerCallbackInterface for listening to change in activeness of the MediaSession.
MediaController.PlaybackInfoHolds information about the way volume is handled for this session.
MediaLibraryServiceBase class for media library services, which is the service containing MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.
MediaLibraryService.LibraryParamsContains information that the library service needs to send to the client.
MediaLibraryService.LibraryParams.BuilderBuilds a MediaLibraryService.LibraryParams.
MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySessionSession for the MediaLibraryService.
MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.BuilderBuilder for MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.
MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.MediaLibrarySessionCallbackCallback for the MediaLibraryService.MediaLibrarySession.
MediaSessionAllows a media app to expose its transport controls and playback information in a process to other processes including the Android framework and other apps.
MediaSession.BuilderBuilder for MediaSession.
MediaSession.CommandButtonButton for a SessionCommand that will be shown by the controller.
MediaSession.CommandButton.BuilderBuilder for MediaSession.CommandButton.
MediaSession.ControllerInfoInformation of a controller.
MediaSession.SessionCallbackCallback to be called for all incoming commands from MediaControllers.
MediaSessionManagerProvides support for interacting with media sessions that applications have published in order to express their ongoing media playback state.
MediaSessionServiceBase class for media session services, which is the service containing MediaSession.
MediaSessionService.MediaNotificationReturned by MediaSessionService.onUpdateNotification(MediaSession) for making session service foreground service to keep playback running in the background.
PercentageRatingA class for rating expressed as a percentage.
RemoteSessionPlayerBase interface for all remote media players that want media session and playback happens on the remote device through MediaRouter.
RemoteSessionPlayer.CallbackA callback class to receive notifications for events on the remote session player.
SessionCommandDefines a command that a MediaController can send to a MediaSession.
SessionCommandGroupA set of SessionCommand which represents a command group.
SessionCommandGroup.BuilderBuilds a SessionCommandGroup object.
SessionResultResult class to be used with for asynchronous calls between MediaSession and MediaController.
SessionTokenRepresents an ongoing MediaSession or a MediaSessionService.
StarRatingA class for rating expressed as the number of stars.
ThumbRatingA class for rating with a single degree of rating, "thumb up" vs "thumb down".

Annotation Types