CallbackBase<T>Generates a RemoteCallback when a RemoteCallback is being triggered, should only be used in the context on CallbackReceiver.createRemoteCallback(Context).
CallbackHandlerRegistry.CallbackHandler<T>The interface used to trigger a callback when the pending intent is fired.
CallbackReceiver<T>An objects that can receive remote callbacks.


AppWidgetProviderWithCallbacks<T>Version of that implements a CallbackReceiver.
BroadcastReceiverWithCallbacks<T>Extend this broadcast receiver to be able to receive callbacks as well as normal broadcasts.
CallbackHandlerRegistryThe holder for callbacks that are tagged with RemoteCallable.
ContentProviderWithCallbacks<T>Version of ContentProvider that can be used as a CallbackReceiver.
ProviderRelayReceiverThe receiver used to call into providers when a pending intent is requested.
RemoteCallbackAn instance of a callback to a specific class/method with a specific set of arguments.

Annotation Types

ExternalInputIdentifies parameters of an RemoteCallable that will be pulled from the caller of the callback.
RemoteCallableUsed to tag a method as callable using CallbackReceiver.createRemoteCallback(Context).