RotationProvider.ListenerCallback interface to receive rotation updates.


CameraControllerThe abstract base camera controller class.
CameraController.OutputSizeRepresents the output size of a UseCase.
CameraViewA View that displays a preview of the camera with methods CameraView, CameraView, CameraView.startRecording(File, Executor, OnVideoSavedCallback) and CameraView.stopRecording().
LifecycleCameraControllerA controller that provides most of the CameraX features.
PreviewViewCustom View that displays the camera feed for CameraX's Preview use case.
RotationProviderProvider for receiving rotation updates from the when the rotation of the device has changed.
SensorRotationListenerListens to motion sensor reading and converts the orientation degrees to rotation.
TextureViewMeteringPointFactoryA MeteringPointFactory for creating a MeteringPoint by TextureView and (x,y).
TransformUtilsUtility class for transform.


CameraView.CaptureModeThe capture mode used by CameraView.
PreviewView.ImplementationModeThe implementation mode of a PreviewView.
PreviewView.ScaleTypeOptions for scaling the preview vis-à-vis its container PreviewView.
PreviewView.StreamStateDefinitions for the preview stream state.

Annotation Types

CameraController.OutputSize.OutputAspectRatioPossible value for CameraController.OutputSize.getAspectRatio()
CameraController.TapToFocusStatesStates for tap-to-focus feature.
CameraController.UseCasesBitmask options to enable/disable use cases.
TransformExperimentalDenotes that the API uses experimental transform APIs.