AudioCapabilitiesReceiver.ListenerListener notified when audio capabilities change.
AudioProcessorInterface for audio processors, which take audio data as input and transform it, potentially modifying its channel count, encoding and/or sample rate.
AudioRendererEventListenerListener of audio Renderer events.
AudioSinkA sink that consumes audio data.
AudioSink.ListenerListener for audio sink events.
DefaultAudioSink.AudioProcessorChainProvides a chain of audio processors, which are used for any user-defined processing and applying playback parameters (if supported).
TeeAudioProcessor.AudioBufferSinkA sink for audio buffers handled by the audio processor.


AudioCapabilitiesRepresents the set of audio formats that a device is capable of playing.
AudioCapabilitiesReceiverReceives broadcast events indicating changes to the device's audio capabilities, notifying a AudioCapabilitiesReceiver.Listener when audio capability changes occur.
AudioProcessor.AudioFormatPCM audio format that may be handled by an audio processor.
AudioRendererEventListener.EventDispatcherDispatches events to an AudioRendererEventListener.
BaseAudioProcessorBase class for audio processors that keep an output buffer and an internal buffer that is reused whenever input is queued.
DecoderAudioRenderer<T>Decodes and renders audio using a Decoder.
DefaultAudioSinkPlays audio data.
DefaultAudioSink.BuilderA builder to create DefaultAudioSink instances.
DefaultAudioSink.DefaultAudioProcessorChainThe default audio processor chain, which applies a (possibly empty) chain of user-defined audio processors followed by SilenceSkippingAudioProcessor and SonicAudioProcessor.
DefaultAudioTrackBufferSizeProviderProvide the buffer size to use when creating an AudioTrack.
DefaultAudioTrackBufferSizeProvider.BuilderA builder to create DefaultAudioTrackBufferSizeProvider instances.
ForwardingAudioSinkAn overridable AudioSink implementation forwarding all methods to another sink.
MediaCodecAudioRendererDecodes and renders audio using MediaCodec and an AudioSink.
SilenceSkippingAudioProcessorAn AudioProcessor that skips silence in the input stream.
SonicAudioProcessorAn AudioProcessor that uses the Sonic library to modify audio speed/pitch/sample rate.
TeeAudioProcessorAudio processor that outputs its input unmodified and also outputs its input to a given sink.
TeeAudioProcessor.WavFileAudioBufferSinkA sink for audio buffers that writes output audio as .wav files with a given path prefix.

Annotation Types

AudioSink.SinkFormatSupportThe level of support the sink provides for a format.
DefaultAudioSink.OffloadModeAudio offload mode configuration.
DefaultAudioSink.OutputModeOutput mode of the audio sink.