VideoOutputA class that will produce video data from a .


AudioSpecAudio specification that is options to config audio source and encoding.
AudioSpec.BuilderThe builder of the AudioSpec.
AudioStatsThe audio information about an Recording at a point in time.
FallbackStrategyA class represents the strategy that will be adopted when the device does not support all the desired Quality in QualitySelector in order to select the quality as possible.
FileDescriptorOutputOptionsA class providing options for storing the result to a given file descriptor.
FileDescriptorOutputOptions.BuilderThe builder of the FileDescriptorOutputOptions object.
FileOutputOptionsA class providing options for storing the result to a given file.
FileOutputOptions.BuilderThe builder of the FileOutputOptions object.
MediaSpecMediaSpec communicates the encoding type and encoder-specific options for both the video and audio inputs to the VideoOutput.
MediaSpec.BuilderThe builder for MediaSpec.
MediaStoreOutputOptionsA class providing options for storing output to MediaStore.
MediaStoreOutputOptions.BuilderThe builder of the MediaStoreOutputOptions object.
OutputOptionsOptions for configuring output destination for generating a recording.
OutputResultsClass to provide the information of the output.
PendingRecordingA recording that can be started at a future time.
QualityA class representing video quality constraints that will be used by QualitySelector to choose video resolution and appropriate encoding parameters.
QualitySelectorQualitySelector defines a desired quality setting that can be used to configure components with quality setting requirements such as creating a Recorder.
RecorderAn implementation of VideoOutput for starting video recordings that are saved to a, , or .
Recorder.BuilderBuilder class for Recorder objects.
RecordingProvides controls for the currently active recording.
RecordingStatsA snapshot of statistics about an Recording at a point in time.
StreamInfoA class that contains the information of an video output stream.
VideoCapabilitiesVideoCapabilities is used to query video recording capabilities on the device.
VideoCapture<T>A use case that provides camera stream suitable for video application.
VideoCapture.Builder<T>Builder for a VideoCapture.
VideoCapture.DefaultsProvides a base static default configuration for the VideoCapture
VideoRecordEventVideoRecordEvent is used to report video recording events and status.
VideoRecordEvent.FinalizeIndicates the finalization of recording.
VideoRecordEvent.PauseIndicates the pause event of recording.
VideoRecordEvent.ResumeIndicates the resume event of recording.
VideoRecordEvent.StartIndicates the start of recording.
VideoRecordEvent.StatusThe status report of the recording in progress.
VideoSpecVideo specification that is options to config video encoding.
VideoSpec.BuilderThe builder of the VideoSpec.


VideoOutput.SourceStateA state which represents whether the video frame producer is producing frames to the provided .

Annotation Types

VideoRecordEvent.Finalize.VideoRecordErrorDescribes the error that occurred during a video recording.